This event is now scheduled to take place on Wednesday 21st September 2022.

Webinar synopsis
The 2020-21 pandemic necessitated knowledge-workers in multiple industries and contexts to pivot to remote home-based working. While the past decade has seen increasing use of forms of remote working, driven by both organisations and by employees, this mass shift to home-based working engendered unexpected tensions for many, prompting identity conflicts.

For many, remote working has necessitated switching the modalities of our identity - the work self, the family self, and so on - within the one physical space. For some, inconsistencies between these different selves have created dissonance as they tried to hold on to these multiple identities concurrently. Remote working also necessitated a dependency upon technology which for many has presented an identity threat. Having been ‘master’ of the physical space, many found themselves as novice of the remote space. Simultaneously, a lack of connection with the work context and/or physical contact with other workers has weakened some professional, occupational and organisational identities.

This webinar will provide us with the opportunity to explore these burred boundaries between work and home, to examine the identity conflicts that emerged or were surfaced in the switch to remote working, and as we continue to engage in forms of remote working. In doing so, we hope to explore new perspectives on the nature and experience of home and remote working, and possible ways in which we might better research, and support home and remote workers.


Provider Information

BAM Identity SIG


Who Should Attend?

The event speaks to Sections A1, A2, A3, D1, D2 and D3 as detailed in the BAM Framework 


Dr Amanda Lee

Dr Amanda Lee

Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management, University of Derby

Prof Yasin Rofcanin

Prof Yasin Rofcanin

Chair in Organisational Psychology and Human Resource Management, University of Bath

Chaired by 

Dr Ali Rostron, University of Liverpool


Benefits of attending 
  • To understand the tensions that can arise in remote working
  • To explore the potential identity conflicts in remote working
  • To engage in productive conversation with the speakers and other participants from across a breadth of management disciplines interested in the field of identity studies and/or remote working



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Event Fee 

BAM Members: Free 

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Non-Members: £25

Non-Members, Students: £15

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