Webinar synopsis

It’s increasingly recognised by funding councils that social media are a mainstream feature of academic life, a general professional competence as well as a gateway towards research impact. But how can academics take advantage of the opportunities which social media offer, and negotiate the risks involved?   This webinar helps academic decide which social media platforms are right for them as individuals, depending on discipline, career stage, personality and other factors. We also consider when, how and why to use social media; as well as how to identify and avoid the risks involved in the use of social media as academics. 

The AACCB webinars will help attendees to gain greater clarity about some contemporary issues, and how they link in with other related management research areas. Delivered by senior academics engaged in cutting edge research, the topics to be covered in the series will provide attendees with scholarly insight into what constitutes meaningful scholarship, and the making of optimal theoretical and methodological choices when crafting high impact manuscripts for publication. There will also be opportunities to discuss ways to get the best out of the publication process, crafting a careers, and networking with fellow academics, and other management researchers, all in one place.


Provider Information

BAM Council's Sub-Committee of Academic Affairs of Conference and Capacity Building (AACCB)


Who Should Attend?

The event speaks to Sections A1 and A2 as detailed in the BAM Framework 


Dr Ana Canhoto

Dr Ana Canhoto

Reader in Marketing, Brunel University London


Chaired by 
Prof David Sarpong

Prof David Sarpong

Co-Vice Chair: Academic Affairs of Conference and Capacity Building


Benefits of attending 
  • Learn about new frontiers in management research methods
  • Gain greater clarity on your methodological choices
  • Network with other doctoral students and academics all in one place



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