BAM’s Policy Work Update for E-Newsletter July/August 2018

As mentioned in the last Newsletter, BAM’s new policy function is now up and running with Dr Ashley Thomas Lenihan as Head of Policy & Engagement. Working with the Executive and consulting with the College of Fellows, and tapping into the expertise within our SIGs, she will continue to craft written submissions on behalf of BAM to appropriate parliamentary inquiries and government consultations as they arise.

Thus far, BAM submissions have been made to the Department for Education’s consultation on the Subject-level Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF), and the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee’s inquiry on ‘An Immigration System that Works for Science and Innovation.’

As you will have now seen, opportunities for Fellows to make their own individual submissions to consultations and inquiries will be publicised each month. For Fellows interested in making individual submissions, she will help on request with editing these with an eye to policy-facing language and impact. This has already been done with great success with two submissions to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Select Committee’s inquiry on ‘Small Businesses and Productivity.’

Dr Lenihan also worked with the Executive and CABS to produce a one-page flyer outlining key elements of our BAM-CABs Position Paper. This highlights the importance of the Business & Management community to the UK, and the need for it to be better resourced, so that we may in turn help address the Grand Challenges of the Industrial Strategy. This flyer has been be sent to over 1700 stakeholders including Members of Parliament, relevant committee clerks, and civil servants. A website has also been created explaining the project and offering downloads of the infographic and the report.See:

On this website, you will see that another way to ‘get involved’ is to help us make the case for investment in business and management research to the policy community by submitting a short impact case study. If you are interested, please email [email protected].

We continue to work on longer projects of outreach and engagement with the policy community and will provide updates regularly. We also wanted to remind you that, in order to help ensure that Dr Lenihan is reaching out to those Fellows interested in policy engagement and impact, we will send out a survey to the Fellows College in the coming months. This will ask about your expertise and desire to engage in various ways. Please respond so that we can make this a successful project for both you and BAM in the future.

Finally, Dr Lenihan has asked if each SIG would be willing to nominate someone to act as a primary contact for her. She will be reaching out to these contacts to ask for a short list of keywords vital to their SIG, which can then be used in the upcoming survey of Fellows’ expertise.