24 Apr 2024

CMCE Next Gen 2.0: Risky Business. Online Workshop Two:
How Does Motivation Affect Your Choices?
Thursday 9 May 2024, 4.00 pm, Online

This is the second in a series of interactive workshops with leading academics and practitioners to explore the fundamentals of behavioural economics, how they can be used reflectively to change how we think about business today, and what they mean for how we engage with the future of technology.

Held jointly with Dr Edmond Smith, Senior Lecturer in Economic Cultures at the University of Manchester, these sessions will look at how behaviour, emotions and social relations inform today's business dynamics. Our line-up of speakers will provide different perspectives and will tackle a wide range of topics including, for example, bioengineering, artificial intelligence, neuroeconomics, and conspiracy theories.   Please note that, even though the workshops are part of a series and we would encourage participants to join all sessions, each session is designed to be self-standing and will provide useful take-aways. 

This second workshop will address some fundamental questions.  Why does anyone do anything? Do we take risks for the possibility of reward? Or do we turn from them out of a fear of failure or punishment? There are myriad motivations that affect all of us, but recognising that they change how we make decisions is only the starting point. In exploring how diverse motivations can change how we make decisions, personally and in work, this session aims to reach a better understanding of how different people respond to risks and opportunities, and how we might use this to make better decisions, as individuals and as businesses.

Our speaker is Adam McCarthy, PhD student in Science Technology and Innovation Policy at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research. Quote from him on the topic: "We need to collaboratively rise to address global, grand challenges using all the tools, skills, and technologies at our disposal, while remaining critical about their potential pitfalls. This is the essence of Responsible Innovation.”

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