28 Jun 2022

Peer Review College - Look out for the next call for nominations

We will be launching the official call for nominations for the next cohort of Peer Review College Fellows and Members in August!

The BAM Peer Review College supports three of our core strategic aims: to drive research excellence; to support capacity building and career development; and to underpin a sustainable research funding platform for our members. The BAM PRC supports our journals, conferences and grant schemes and promotes research excellence through high quality feedback and selection, both within BAM and in the wider business and management community. Appointment to the BAM PRC is a recognition of excellence and achievement in its own right; it will be recognised publicly on our website and certificates will be awarded to those who successfully complete their term of membership. 

The College has two tiers of members - PRC Fellows and PRC Members - who are appointed following a process of nomination and evaluation. 

  1. PRC Fellows are senior academics and highly experienced reviewers, who act as mentors to the PRC Members and otherwise assist in locating reviewers for BAM’s various activities. PRC Fellows are appointed for 3-5-year terms. 

  1. PRC Members are typically mid-career academics interested in developing their reviewing skills and contributing to the community in a carefully calibrated and supported way during their term of College membership. PRC Members are appointed for a 3-year term, with an agreed level of reviews for BAM, in the region of 2 reviews p.a. 

Look out for further details in due course!