23 Jun 2022

SAMS and BAM Research and Capacity Building project publication - Scenario Planning in the context of climate emergency

The Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS) funds the SAMS/BAM Research and Capacity Building Grant Scheme, which was launched in 2020 to facilitate collaboration between 2 or more universities, with 3 funded projects currently in progress. Funding of up to £150,000 per project was generously made available with the aim of developing research teams and promoting collaboration to address societal and economic challenges

As an example of the impact of this scheme, Dr James Derbyshire of Middlesex University (awardee in the 2020 funding round) has recently published an article arising from this project in Technological Forecasting and Social Change journal entitled 'Is seeking certainty in climate sensitivity measures counterproductive in the context of climate emergency?  The case for scenario planning'.

The article is available here and is freely downloadable as an open access article.

More information on projects funded through this scheme and other BAM and collaborative grant schemes can be found in the BAM project repository.