The Leadership and Leadership Development Special Interest Group (BAM) and the Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups Special Interest Group (ISBE) plan to organise a one-day event for doctoral students. The virtual event ‘On the idea of what constitutes good systematic literature review and non-probability sampling’ is designed to support our community of doctoral students in spotlighting good practice in doctoral research. Indeed, much mystery surrounds the way in which doctoral students engage in literature reviews and sampling techniques. Our attempt is to consider each of these trends and their applicability by making implicit procedures more explicit.

In this light, we are interested in two richly distinct but related interactive sessions:

(a) Session one locates the production of the systematic literature review, since most 'traditional narratives' are perceived to lack thoroughness as genuine pieces of investigatory evidence. In this session, we will examine the assumptions and the task of reviewing, which are built into the concept of the systematic review.

b) Session two examines the logic and power of non-probability sampling. In this context, we will come to learn that sampling decisions need to be justified so that examiners can have an appropriate context for assessing samples. Acknowledging differences across guidelines, we will draw on empirical data from 36 in-depth interviews to alleviate concerns about sampling techniques.

It is our hope that participants are keen to use this event to evaluate the extent to which they can be applied to produce a reliable knowledge stock. Further along these lines, we acknowledge the support and commitment of the experts facilitating the respective sessions: Dr. Kingsley Omeihe (University of Aberdeen) and Dr. Christian Harrison (University of the West of Scotland).

These scholars would be sharing their expertise and thoughtful understanding of the various perspectives and approaches represented in this event.


Provider Information

The Leadership and Leadership Development Special Interest Group (BAM) and the Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups Special Interest Group (ISBE)


Who Should Attend?

The event speaks to Sections A1 and E1, as detailed in the BAM Framework 


Professor Christian Harrison

Professor Christian Harrison

Professor of Leadership and Enterprise, University of Bolton

Dr Kingsley Omeihe

Dr Kingsley Omeihe

Chair, Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups (ISBE)


Benefits of attending 
  • Locates the design of the systematic literature review methodology by offering robust perspectives.
  • A nuanced conceptualisation of non-probability sampling and strengths /weaknesses of sampling procedures.
  • Examine the depth and complexity of a range of design decisions relevant for interpreting interview results.
  • A platform for sharing your questions and getting feedback on your strategies.



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Event Fee 

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