Being an effective reviewer: crafting effective reviews

26 February 2021 10.30am – 12pm Webinar Zoom

Peer review is a vital part of the process of ensuring quality published research. Journal Editors and Conference track convenors are therefore dependent upon academic experts who can provide effective independent reviews of manuscripts submitted. However, there are growing suggestions of “a crisis in peer review” with concerns raised over the quality of reviewing, leading to both incidents of flawed research being published and papers becoming trapped in multiple cycles of reviews. One reason for this may be that the practice of good reviewing is seldom explicitly discussed.

This webinar is designed for Identity SIG members who are interested in becoming a reviewer, either for conference submissions or for journals, as well as for experienced reviewers who would like to hone their reviewing skills.
We are delighted to be joined by representatives from three key journals that many of our members target with their research: Prof Mark Learmonth, Editor of Human Relations, Prof. David Jones, Associate Editor of Management Learning and Prof. Valerie Anderson, Editorial Board for HRDR. These colleagues will examine such aspects as:
• Why would/should we serve as a reviewer?
• Reviewing developmentally
• Ethical responsibilities of reviewers
• Key questions to ask when undertaking a review
• How to effectively structure a review

We will also be joined by two experienced reviewers who will offer their own tips and techniques.


Provider Information

Identity Special Interest Group


Benefits of attending 
  • By learning how to review research manuscripts effectively, you may also better understand how to write your own manuscript
  • Learning how to review will also provide you with first-hand experience of the key considerations that go into the publication decision
  • By understanding what both editors and authors need from you as a reviewer you will be able to make an effective contribution to the research community and to your field, and be recognised by editors as a reliable reviewer
  • Regular reviewing enables you to gain insights into the latest developments in your research area and provides evidence of your expertise for funding or job applications
  • Become a reviewer for one of the journals involved with the webinar



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Event Fee 

This is a free event and for BAM Members only