Digital Transformation And Circular Entrepreneurship International Symposium

Falmouth University School of Entrepreneurship invites you to participate to The Digital Transformation And Circular Entrepreneurship Conference on 6th of March 2020.

The Conference aims to bring together leading academics, PhD students, researchers and practitioners to exchange and share their experiences, knowledge and research results on various aspects of digital and circular entrepreneurship. It also provides an interdisciplinary platform for policy makers, leaders, researchers, practitioners and academics to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Digital and Circular Economy.

The themes of the conference evolve around circular entrepreneurship and business model, design thinking, digital entrepreneurship and structures within universities aiming to enhance student entrepreneurship within the context.



06 March 2020


Who Should Attend

•    Researchers and academics willing to benefit from the experiences, knowledge and research results of leading academics within the context
•    Researchers aiming to develop better insights into circular and digital entrepreneurship
•    Researchers aiming to explore new areas of research and inquiry within the context in collaboration with circular and digital entrepreneurs
•    Academics looking for ways to exchange experiences and learning about enhancing student entrepreneurship
•    Academics aiming to explore rural, community, circular and heritage entrepreneurship within the Cornwall context.
•    All BAM SIG Entrepreneurship members aiming to experience Cornwall and its lovely beaches and the nature in March
•    Business owners willing to get involved in the digital and circular economy
•    Entrepreneurs willing to create new high growth, high value tech businesses in Cornwall
•    Business owners willing to explore opportunities to grow into new markets
•    Business owner seeking for a transformational change
•    Business owner looking for sustainable business success strategies in the digital and circular era


Benefits of Attendance

• Exploring new areas of research and inquiry within the context of circular and digital economy
• Developing insights into circular business model and the impediments towards scalability of the model
• Exploring of the transformation of Cornwall from a remote and deprived rural context to a resourceful incubation destination for sustainable and circular entrepreneurship
• Understanding entrepreneurship within the rural context from the institutional perspective
• Engaging with local entrepreneurs to explore new areas of research
• Exploring Launchpad! Launchpad is an innovative, post-graduate incubation and acceleration programme developed by Falmouth University that creates new digital businesses to meet identified market demand in just 12 months.
• New insights into enhancing student entrepreneurship within universities
• Enjoying our one of a kind “shared campus” occupied by Falmouth University and University of Exeter; managed by a charity.