Development Programme for Directors of Engagement (DPDoE) 2022-2023    

DPLoE supports those leading, or aspiring to lead, on engagement within their institution to develop their leadership and strategic capabilities to manage engagement performance, strategy, and funding in a rapidly changing engagement landscape. This programme has been designed for both academics and those working in professional services within global institutions, and aims to create a self-sustaining international cohort through a combination of expert input, peer support and networking opportunities.

The new DPLoE is delivered as four sessions intended explore and inspire participants to think about how they lead engagement in their own business schools, by creating a culture that encourages, enables and supports colleagues to engage with individuals and organisations in what they do. The programme is structured around the following four topics:

  • Engagement as strategy
  • Engaging with who, why & how
  • Supporting and scaling engagement
  • Embedding engagement
Key Features

The programme will be structured around three types of session:


Session 1 - Engagement as strategy (in-person)

The DPDoE programme is about developing those charged with leading and managing the engagement portfolio. Despite the variety of business schools in the UK, the importance of engagement is ubiquitous. The first session explore the value of engagement, and how it relates to enhances the mission and vision of the school. We will think about the engagement opportunity, reflecting where individuals and their schools are, and start building a vision. The first session will also establish the outcomes that individual participants are looking to achieve, and establish the peer community by getting to know each other and sharing experiences.

Indicative programme:

Slide1.jpg 1 Slide2.jpg 1

Dr Timothy Mescon, Executive Vice President and Chief Officer - Europe, Middle East and Africa at AACSB International

Mr Wilfred Mijnhardt, Policy Director, Rotterdam School of Management

Prof Palie Smart, Head of School of Management, University of Bristol

Prof Kiran Trehan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Partnerships and Engagement, University of York

Prof Babak Yazdani, Dean of Nottingham Business School

Session 2 - Engaging with who, why & how (online)

The second DPDoE session is about developing the vision for engagement with more specifics to develop the engagement strategy and underlying action plan. Engagement activities are not an outcome in themselves, and so there is a need to think about how engagement enhances the business of the business school.

Hearing different perspectives on engagement will challenge participants to think about what they are doing and why, as well as what works (and what doesn’t). The action learning will focus of the second session will focus on segmenting engagement and engagement outcomes. We will also think about how engagement relates to impact, and what that means for business schools.


Slide3.JPG Slide4.JPG


Session 3 - Supporting and scaling engagement (online)

The DPDoE programme is about developing those leading and managing on engagement, of which supporting colleagues is a crucial component. During this session we will hear from a range of engaged academics to hear about what they do and how they do it. The speakers will also talk about the challenges that they faced. In leading engagement, and thinking about how it relates to other portfolios, the session will reflect on the need to align individual interests and institutional priorities.

Indicative programme:

DPDoE_Session3.png 1


Session 4 - Embedding and evaluating of engagement (in-person)

The final session of the DPDoE programme will think about the future for engagement – delivering the vision and delivering as part of a more engaged business school. In order to embed engagement as a way of working there needs to be a clear understanding as to how it contributes to the success of the business school. To do this there is a need to appraise engagement activities and ensure they are adding value to the business school and partners.

Indicative programme:

DPDoE_Session4.png 4


What will the programme cover?
  • What do we mean by engagement?
  • The role of a Director or Associate Dean for Engagement
  • Exploring engagement as strategy
  • Identifying the engagement opportunity
  • Developing strategies to enhance engagement
  • Engaging colleagues in engagement
  • Supporting and scaling engagement
  • Embedding an engagement culture in your business school
  • Evaluating engagement activities
  • The journey from engagement to impact
  • Engagement and the future of the business school

We are offering three £1,000 scholarships for international participants. To register your interest, please contact [email protected] and include the name and country of your institution.  


Programme Benefits
  • Build and enhance your skills and competencies to be more effective in leading and/or managing engagement in a school or department;
  • Explore how engagement as a strategy relates to and supports other portfolios and the wider business of business and management schools;
  • Develop an understanding of engagement opportunities – thinking about different beneficiaries and the intended outcomes of engagement;
  • Learn about different forms of engagement and the possibilities and challenges associated with supporting colleagues to be more engaged academics;
  • Work towards your professional development and objectives in the context of your institution’s engagement priorities.


Professor Tim Vorley OBE

Professor Tim Vorley OBE

Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean, Oxford Brookes Business School


Who should apply?

Engagement is an activity that has relevance to all portfolios, so whether leading or aspiring to lead the engagement portfolio or looking to better understand more about how engagement enhances teaching and research, the DPDoE programme will add value and provide actionable insights.

This programme has been designed for participants within the global business school community.


Dates and Location

DPDoE 2022/23 will start in November 2022 with four sessions taking place throughout the year, including two in-person at a central London venue and two online. The dates are:

Session 1: 

  • Thursday 10 November (11:30-16:00) at Warwick Business School (The Shard – Level 17, 32 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9SG)
  • to Friday 11 November 2022 (9:00-13:00) at etc.venues Chancery Lane (50-52 Chancery Ln, London WC2A 1HL)

Session 2: Thursday 12 January (12:30-17:30) to Friday 13 January 2023 (9:30-13:00) - online

Session 3: Thursday 23 March (12:30-17:30) to Friday 24 March 2023 (9:30-13:00) - online

Session 4: Thursday 15 June (12:30-17:15) to Friday 16 June 2023 (9:30-13:00) – central London venue tbc

Participants are encouraged to attend all sessions. A participant will not be awarded a certificate of completion if they fail to attend more than one session.


Fees and Enquiries

Programme fee: £3,875.

Please note: Due to the nature of the programme which focuses on personal development and encourages frank and open discussion, it may not always be suitable for two participants to attend from the same institution. If we receive more than one registration from individuals at the same institution we will notify the institution and the participants, taking account of when the registrations were received, and ask for guidance on whether one or both can attend in the same cohort. The cohort is limited to a maximum of 25. Once all places are taken, applicants will be placed on a waiting list.

Registrations close on Friday 28th October 2022 at 17:00 BST.

If you have any queries, please contact the BAM Office at [email protected].