Webinar synopsis

This is an event for project scholars interested in engaging in a discussion about novel and emerging qualitative research methods. There is largely a dominance of quantitative and interview-based research in the field of project management and organising. This event presents an opportunity to shine a spotlight on some lesser used or novel qualitative methods to encourage a broader diversification of methods employed across our discipline.

Throughout this session, you will have the opportunity gain a deeper understanding into three methods and a snapshot introduction to other emerging novel qualitative approaches.

This event is a continuation of our ongoing Enhancing Project Management Research Capabilities (EPMRC) series where we have hitherto covered Enhancing Project Management Research Capabilities (Introduction) in December 2019, Unusual research methodologies: The paths less trodden in December 2020 and Responsible Research in Project Management in December 2021. This event encourages new and previous delegates to join in, therefore it is not a requirement to have attended the prior EPMRC events.

10.00 Welcome - Christine Unterhitzenberger, BAM PREX SIG Chair
10.05 Novel Research Methods and Methodologies - Workshop - Natalya Sergeeva, Editor Special Issue in Project Leadership & Society
10.35 Diary method in project studies - Snapshot - Christine Unterhitzenberger, University of Leeds
10.50 Break - networking opportunity on wonder.me
11.00 Historic sources in project research - Presentation - Alex Gillet and Kevin Tennent, University of York, BAM Business and Management History SIG
11.30 Engaged scholarship - Snapshot - Graham Winch, University of Manchester
11.45 Break - networking opportunity on wonder.me
11.55 Advancing literature review methodology through rigour, generativity, scope and transparency - Presentation - Jamie Callahan, Editor in Chief International Journal of Management Review
12.25 Graphic illustrations as research method - Workshop - Alejandro Romero Torres, Monique Aubry and Julie Delisle, University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada
12.55 Closing words - Christine Unterhitzenberger, BAM PREX SIG Chair
13.00 End of event


Provider Information

BAM Project Experiences SIG


Who Should Attend?

The event speaks to Sections A1 and A2 as detailed in the BAM Framework 


  • Moniqe Aubry | Associate Professor, University of Quebec in Montreal
  • Jamie L. Callahan | Professor of Organisation Studies and Ethics, Durham University
  • Julie Delisle | Assistant Professor in Project Management, University of Quebec in Montreal
  • Alex Gillett | Senior Lecturer in Marketing, University of York
  • Alejandro Romeri-Torres | Professor, University of Quebec in Montreal
  • Natalya Sergeeza | Associate Professor, University College London
  • Kevin Tennent | Reader in Management, University of York
  • Graham Winch | Professor of Project Management, Alliance Manchester Business School
  • Christine Unterhitzenberger | Associate Professor in Project, University of Leeds and Chair of BAM Project Experiences SIG


Speaker Bios

Dr Christine Unterhitzenberger

Christine Unterhitzenberger is an Associate Professor in Project at the University of Leeds, UK and Chair of the Project Experience SIG at the British Academy of Management. Her research explores perceptions of fairness in projects and their impact on individuals, projects and organisations. She is also interested in how governance can influence desired behaviour in project contexts. Her work is situated in the context of large-scale capital investment and infrastructure projects. She has won multiple awards for her research and educational practice, is a leading member of the project research community at the British Academy of Management and the European Academy of Management, and an active volunteer with APM. Prior to her academic career she was a senior project management consultant in the construction industry.

Dr Natalya Sergeeva

Natalya Sergeeva is an Associate Professor at University College London, UK and consultant in the areas of project and innovation management, leadership, narratives of projects, sustainability, digital technologies, health, and wellbeing. Her work is focused on how managers make sense of and communicate narratives and stories about emerging global issues. Natalya’s work is published in a wide range of academic journals, including the International Journal of Project Management, Project Management Journal, the International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, Construction Economics and Management, Industrial Marketing Management, the International Journal of Innovation Management and the European Journal of Innovation Management and Creativity and Innovation Management.

Dr Alex Gillett

Alex Gillett is Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the University of York, UK. His work focuses on organizational networks, relationships and interactions across sectors, with an historical or longitudinal angle.

Dr Kevin Tennent

Kevin Tennent is Reader in Management at the University of York, UK.  His research focuses on governance and strategy in management history, as well as the pedagogy of using archives.

Prof Graham Winch

Graham Winch is Professor of Project Management at Alliance Manchester Business School. He has run construction projects and researched project organising across a wide variety of engineering sectors. He is author of Managing Construction Projects: an Information Processing Approach 2nd ed (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010), numerous journal articles, and co-author of Strategic Project Organizing: A Three Domains Approach (Oxford, 2022).

Prof Jamie L. Callahan

Jamie L. Callahan (EdD, The George Washington University; PhD, Tilburg University) is Professor of Organization Studies and Ethics at Durham University. She is the former Editor of Human Resource Development Review and current Co-Editor of International Journal of Management Reviews, She has also earned numerous research awards, including the inaugural Laura Bierema Excellence in Critical HRD Award, Academy of Human Resource Development 2020 Scholar of the Year Award and 2015 Outstanding Book of the Year Award. Her research addresses issues of power and privilege in organized contexts, leading her to explore marginalized groups’ experiences of leadership, learning, and organizational transformation. Her particular passion is championing gender equity.

Prof Alejandro Romero-Torres

Alejandro Romero-Torres is a full professor at School of Management (ESG) from University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), co-holder of the chair in project management ESG UQAM, director of the Lab for innovative practices in project context and director of the Observatory of public projects. His main research expertise is the governance and management of infrastructure and digital projects, including issues related to stakeholders’ engagement, decision-making and value creation. He works closely with public organizations in Quebec to sustain project performance. He has a doctorate and master's degree in technology management from Polytechnique de Montréal (Canada) and a bachelor's degree in information technology engineering from Anahuac University (Mexico).

Dr Julie Delisle

Julie Delisle is an Assistant Professor in project management at the School of Management (ESG) from University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). She teaches project and agile management in the graduate programs in project management. Her research focuses on tensions, paradoxes and practices in organizations, with a special interest for temporality, project organizing and agile contexts. She is currently conducting a research project on agility in the public sector, which focus on tensions for individuals and changes to the roles. Her work has been published in international peer-reviewed academic journals as International Journal of Project Management and [email protected]@gement

Dr Monique Aubry

Monique Aubry is associated professor in the Department of Management at ESG UQAM in Montréal, Canada. Now retired from full professorship, she pursues her research on two main topics: the development of megaprojects and organizing for projects. She founded the Lab for Transfer on Innovative Practices in Project Context at ESG UQAM. In 2020, she was awarded the PMI Research Achievement Award recognizing her legacy in the field, and, in 2012, she received the IPMA Research Award for her research on Project Management Offices. Over the last few years, she has acted as external adviser on the management of public projects for several ministries and public organizations in Quebec, Canada.



Benefits of attending 
  • Discover novel research methods in project management
  • Obtain new insights in established research methods in project management
  • Contribute to the development of new methods in project management
  • Understand requirements for submission to Special Issue in PLS on novel methods
  • Make connections with the BAM Business and Management History SIG



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