The Early Career Network Webinar - January 2024

The Early Career Network Webinar - January 2024

The Early Career Academic Network at BAM will be organising a monthly online network session that will be held online over Zoom. In the last academic year we held a monthly online session, it is informal in nature for the early career academic community at BAM. This session will be titled 'how to manage a research team/teaching team' with an invited senior academics to talk questions and contribute to the informal conversation.

Session Theme:

Submitting to the BAM Conference: Where to Start and What Not to Do

Are you an Early Career Academic looking to make your mark at the British Academy of Management Conference this year? If so, then this webinar is tailored just for you! In this engaging session, the ECA Network is joined by a senior BAM member and a submission administrator, who will walk you through the essential steps to crafting an outstanding submission while avoiding common pitfalls. Register now and learn all about the BAM conference submission process in a friendly and informal environment to ensure you make the most of this year’s conference season!

Event Hosts:

Early Career Academic Network - Dr Rebecca Beech, Mollie Bryde-Evens and Dr Sahar Bakr.

Guest Speaker:


Who should attend?

The early career academic network's community of early career academics - last year of their PhD and 5 years post PhD.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Gain rich insights
  • Develop network
  • Informal space to culminate new ideas and converse