What Difference does your paradigm make? An exploration of how your philosophical perspective affects your research design

20 January 2021 10am – 3pm Webinar Zoom

This workshop forms part of the Research Methodology SIG 'Sharing Our Struggles' series. Your metatheoretical assumptions (paradigms) have a fundamental impact on your Masters and PhD research and research paper development.
This workshop aims to reveal these paradigms and to demonstrate their effect.

In the development of your masters dissertations and PhD theses you can expect to be asked about your philosophical perspective and the role it has had/is likely to have in your research. So, we will develop and refresh your understanding of several paradigms, question your assumptions and explore the complex relationship between different perspectives.

Our time together will be highly interactive as you identify opportunities to take different viewpoints. First we set up the context and the importance of philosophical perspectives in your research. Then you will work in small groups using a game in which your own research projects take centre stage. Using overviews of different philosophical perspectives combined with the knowledge that already exists in each of your groups, you will experience how different paradigms can affect your research journey and your interactions with others. This will position you to challenge and identify your own personal philosophical perspectives and, if you are pursuing a masters or doctorate, position you for a successful dissertation, or thesis and Viva. It will also help you take notice of how your perspectives may affect how you interpret the research articles you read and how they were written.



This event will take place on Wednesday, 20 January 2021, between 10am and 12noon followed by a lunch break and then from 1pm to 3pm.


Who Should Attend? 

Masters students, doctoral researchers and early career researchers


Benefits of Attendance
  • Learn how to define what a philosophical perspective is and why it is important in research
  • Understand some of the key differences between philosophical perspectives
  • Understand the impact of one choice of perspective versus another on your research


Webinar Preparation

Delegates will be sent some pre-reading information. It is essential that delegates have this to hand during the workshop.



Dr Phil Rensaw, Cranfield University

Jenny Robinson, University of Reading


Provider Information

Phil Renshaw, Jenny Robinson with the Research Methodology SIG (Chairs - Sophie Mills and Amanda Lee).



For general enquiries please contact the BAM Office at [email protected]


Event Fee 

BAM Members: Free

Non-BAM Members: £25

BAM Student Members: Free

Non-BAM Student Members: £25