Writing up research is a lonely process, even more so as we struggle to maintain relationships during a global pandemic. Writing retreats are a great way to share the experience with other colleagues in a productive and meaningful way. Writing is hard, certainly not glamorous and very easy to put off. Creating accountable relationships with a group of fellow writers will help to create a different layer of accountability for making progress. You are not only writing for yourself, you are writing to cheer each other on. In this one day virtual writing retreat we will help you to set realistic goals for your writing, improve your writing mindset, and of course, we will do approximately 4 hours of writing throughout the day together.

The event includes a one hour workshop on developing resilience. In this workshop we will explore resilience as a process of managing emotions. Using cognitive behavioural coaching techniques we will examine some of the thoughts we have about rejection and criticism and why these impact us so profoundly. This workshop will help you to develop you own resilience-building strategies to help you to increase your tolerance of dealing with frustrations and stay on track with your writing journey.

Delegates do not need to prepare anything specific for the retreat, however, they should come along with a writing project which they will work on in the sessions. Therefore they should ensure that they have access to any resources they might need and if they wish to do some preparation for writing, this should be done in advance of attending.


Provider Information

Organisational Transformation, Change and Development and Organisational Psychology Special Interest Group 


Who Should Attend?

The event speaks to Sections D1, E1 and E2, as detailed in the BAM Framework 

This session is applicable to PhD and ECR members of the OTCD and OP special interest groups at BAM, although members of all levels of experience are welcome. This one-day retreat is adapted from the structured writing retreat model developed by Rowena Murray with a balanced approach to writing and intentional breaks. The focus of the writing sessions is for you to work on YOUR writing in a facilitated safe space. 



Dr Danielle Tucker, University of Essex

Dr Karen Maher, Coventry University


Benefits of attending 
  • Writing retreats provide dedicated time for writing, intentionally putting your writing as the top priority for the day and make progress.
  • Creates accountability by becoming part of a community of writers, sharing goals and achievements
  • Sharing the experience of writing with others demystifies the process of writing. It is an opportunity to share challenges and overcome barriers experienced by many.
  • Help you develop resilience-building strategies to help you stay on track with your writing journey



Please contact the BAM Office at [email protected] with any queries.  


Event Fee 

BAM Members: £20

Non-BAM Members: £25