2013-Rick Holden

Reflection in management practice: an exploration of the extent and nature of reflection post formal tuition

Dr Rick Holden, Liverpool John Moores University 

Dr Aileen Lawless, Liverpool John Moores University 

Vivienne Griggs, Leeds Beckett University 

Dr Jan Rae, London South Bank University 


Despite a strong discourse promoting the value of reflective activity within management education we know little about the impact of formal efforts to teach reflection. Extensive theorising and conceptual debate has not been matched with empirical data about reflection as part of managing; we have heard little of the manager’s voice. As a consequence curriculum design and teaching of reflection runs somewhat blind. The research was a collaboration across three universities. The over-arching aim was to pursue the question: 

What is the relationship between formal efforts to teach reflection within a HE context and the nature and extent of transfer to the workplace, post programme?