2021-Gareth Edwards

Leadership, Language and Translating Meaning through Visual Methods

Principal Investigator: Prof Gareth Edwards (University of the West of England)

Co-Investigators: Prof Doris Schedlitzki (London Metropolitan University), Dr Sylwia Ciuk (Oxford Brookes University), Dr Harriet Shortt (University of the West of England)

Project summary: The project responds to calls for more reflexivity about language and translation in organisation, management and leadership studies. Recognising the centrality of language for organizations and organising and the methodological challenges of processes of translation within leadership research, the project aims to enhance our understanding of how leadership practices are rooted in and translated across cultural and linguistic contexts. It will apply visual methodologies to the study of translation of leadership across cultures and languages, and will make a contribution to practice by building capacity within BAM around culture and language sensitive research, as well as the use of visual methods to research and develop more inclusive leadership in organisations in the future.