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12th October 2018

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10th October 2018

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8th October 2018

2017 Directors Report

Vice Chair of Management, Knowledge and Education

Dr Katy Mason

Welcome to the Management Knowledge and Education (MKE) community page of the British Academy of Management.

MKE is a new group in BAM and the role of Vice Chair for MKE has been specifically developed to support and advance the creation and circulation of innovative and transformative scholarly and practice-based activities that will enable our community to achieve excellence in teaching and learning as well as scholarly activities in the field of management knowledge and education. MKE sees teaching and learning as core to the valuable activities and varied practices of scholarship.

The MKE initiative sets out to support our members community in effectively performing management education and management knowledge generation as well as creating a forum where researching and representing scholarly activities within the field can be promoted, developed and innovated.

The objectives of the MKE group is threefold:

  • To generate and support capacity building activities for those involved in teaching and management knowledge generation activities
  • To foster and promote excellent research that deepens and broadens our understanding of management knowledge, knowing, education and learning
  • To create a community of interest around the development of understanding and practice of MKE

MKE sets out to support the full range of scholarly activities associated with management knowledge and education; from traditional teaching practices to more novel and innovative learning settings for the generation of management knowledge and education. In such settings the lines between MKE and research can become blurred and offer new spaces for innovation and change in educational and management practices. By supporting community activities in teaching and learning, creating resources for excellent scholarly research and a space where a vibrant community can connect, share experiences, best practices, and develop new ideas, we hope to be a generative part of the next wave of innovation in the field.

MKE Members' Resources Portal

The MKE Resource Portal is a platform where those researching and practicing management education can share and access materials or contribute to discussions related to the pedagogical development of the field, helping us as a community, explore and generate innovative and progressive teaching practice. It is designed to support a community of management education practitioners and scholars in the broad area of Management Knowledge and Education.

BAM Management Knowledge and Education Members' Resources Portal

NB: Please note you will need to be logged in to access this portal.

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Get Involved

If you'd like to be get involved with the MKE community come to one of our events. If you have ideas for an event or want to part of the organising team then contact Megan Smart at We welcome your support.

SIGs have long played an important role at BAM in supporting, organising and generating MKE activities and we very much intend for that to continue. MKE will support and foster these activities as well as creating a gateway for connections across SIGs for specific MKE activities, where we see exciting and inspiring opportunities for collaboration.

Current MKE Committee Members

  • Katy Mason (VC MKE)
  • Lisa Anderson
  • Karise Hutchinson
  • Sarah Hurlow
  • James Johnston
  • Rebecca Liu
  • Megan Smart
  • Alain Tait

MKE Events

Each year there will be a series of MKE events held both at the annual BAM Conference and throughout the year. Important MKE activities have long been organised within Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and those events will also be posted here.

Upcoming MKE Events:

Tuesday 14th July
Planning, Writing and Publishing Your Learning and Teaching Research

Previous MKE Events:

Friday 20th March
The Globalisation of the Classroom

We look forward to an active and productive year with MKE.

Katy Mason, VC MKE

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