14 Dec 2020

Academy of Management Perspectives - Open access edition - Doomsday Scenarios: Managing in the Age of Black Swans

This is to announce publication of the Dynamic Edition of the November 2020 Academy of Management Perspectives special issue, "Doomsday Scenarios: Managing in the Age of Black Swans."

The multimedia-rich issue features:

  • Unique cover art 
  • From The Editor
  • 9 scholarly articles
  • 1 editor podcast
  • 2 author audio clips
  • 7 Insights summaries 
  • 6 Insights videos 
  • 1 Insights infographic

You can check out the Dynamic Edition, which will be open access for the remainder of 2020, here: onlinedigeditions.com/publication/?i=684332  

AMP Editor Phillip H. Phan and Associate Editor Geoffrey Wood wrote this brief description of the special issue:

Perhaps the most overused term to describe 2020 has been "Black Swan." Mention Black Swan and many people think of surprising events with world-changing consequences. This special issue of Academy of Management Perspectives, conceived in 2018, focuses on world-changing events and their consequences for managers and business leaders. Unexpected shocks are often products of people's activities and companies' choices, making them not quite so unexpected. COVID-19, which spread as this special issue was being developed, has revealed what we got right and wrong in our thinking about such events. This special issue covers subjects including:

  • how teams might work in a zombie apocalypse
  • organized violence during social strife
  • disease pandemics and antibiotic resistance
  • the global refugee crisis
  • how fear of megacatastrophes affects would-be entrepreneurs
  • a post-COVID-19 world