17 Mar 2023

BAM2024 and BAM2025 Conference Hosts Announced

We are delighted to announce the hosts for the BAM2024 and BAM2025 Conference editions. 

The BAM2024 Conference will be held at Nottingham Trent University and will be hosted by Nottingham Business School in September with the dates to be confirmed in due course. The Co-Chairs of the BAM2024 conference are Professor Lynn Oxborrow and Professor Helen Shipton. The theme of the conference is "Achieving transformation for greater good: Societal, organisational and personal barriers and enablers".

The BAM2025 Conference will be held at the University of Kent and is hosted by Kent Business School The Co-Chairs of the BAM2025 conference are Professor Patricia Lewis and Professor Thanos Papadopoulos.  The theme of the conference is "On the Border: Management Challenges, Business Opportunities and Disrupted Institutional Contexts"

Further details on both conferences will be available on the BAM website in due course.