24 May 2023

Call for Nominations for BAM Council 2024-2026

We would like to invite nominations from BAM members (with current membership) interested in serving on Council for a period of 3 calendar years, starting in January 2024. There are 2 vacancies for election this year.

Professor Zoe Morrison (SIGs sub-committee) will become the new co Vice-Chair for SIGs from January and Dr Anne Clare Gillon (Academic Affairs of Conference & Capacity Building sub-committee) will reach the end of her 2nd term of office in December 2022 and must step down by rotation. We are hugely grateful to Anne Clare for her service over so many years and look forward to working with Zoe as a member of the Executive. 

About the role:
BAM Council is an active group of elected and co-opted BAM members that supports the BAM Executive in its work to promote, support and foster the management research and education community for the benefits of its members. Everyone elected is expected to contribute actively.

We invite nominations from full BAM members at all career levels; please note student members are not eligible to stand or to vote in this election as they have a separate election each autumn for two student representatives.  

We ask for commitment and a willingness to work. You will be expected to attend sub-committee and Council meetings and report back on your activities. Those unable to make an active contribution are asked to step-down to make way for someone who can. Council meetings are traditionally held four times each year: March, May, September (at conference) and November, and focus on the planning and supporting of activities to be carried out between meetings. Sub-committee meetings are now held online in advance of the Council meetings, whilst Council meetings are held in in-person format for at least 2 meetings each year, including the September one at Conference. It is important that you are able to attend in-person meetings, which will be in London or another major British city. BAM will reimburse reasonable out of pocket travel expenses to enable Council members to attend.

We welcome enquiries from anyone who feels that they can make this commitment and who is keen to make a difference to our community.

If you are considering nominating yourself or another academic but are unsure of the commitment involved, please do not hesitate to contact the BAM office to discuss this further at [email protected]

Nominations should be made by 12.00 (UK time) on Thursday 8th June 2023 via our online submission form below:

 Submit your nomination

All nominations should include a statement from the nominee giving brief biographical details, research interests, what your involvement with BAM has been so far and what you’d like to do, if elected.


  • Strict maximum of 200 words - Nominations over this word limit will not be accepted.
  • No hyperlinks to external content
  • No images
  • Names of candidates, position, and institution (as provided in the appropriate section of the nominations form) will be included on the ballot, so don’t need to be included within the statement.
  • IMPORTANT: Canvassing – of any type – is strictly forbidden to support our core values of Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity and Respect. We expect our BAM community to understand and honour the expectation that candidate statements are the basis upon which members decide where to cast their votes. Candidates – as well as their friends and supporters - must not ask people to vote for them. Failure to observe this rule may result in a candidate being withdrawn from the election.