27 May 2022

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Call for Nominations: Co-Vice Chair for Academic Affairs of Conference & Capacity Building

Following the recent election of Professor Emma Parry as Chair of BAM from January 2023, a vacancy has appeared for a co-Vice Chair for Academic Affairs of Conference & Capacity Building (AACCB) from January 2023 until December 2024, to serve alongside Professor David Sarpong.  

Nominations are invited from members of BAM who are currently serving, or who have previously served, as members of BAM’s Council, and they may be nominated by any current member of BAM. Eligible members of the British Academy of Management who are interested in standing should look out for an email which will contain the nominations form.

About the role

Our Vice Chairs are Trustees and Directors of the British Academy of Management, along with the Chair, President and Treasurer. Together they form the Executive.

Vice Chairs work closely with the Chair in developing and delivering strategic priorities, and they lead in their area of BAM activities. Vice Chairs have oversight of operational delivery and innovation in their area. They work with a sub-committee of academics (including BAM Fellows, Council members and doctoral student representatives), the CEO and the BAM office team. They also collectively contribute to policy input and raising the Academy’s profile. The ethos is one of distributed leadership and a developmental approach.

The Executive meets formally 6 times a year, with additional informal online meetings roughly every fortnight and some correspondence in between; Vice Chairs also run their sub-committees. The formal Executive meetings are a mix of in-person and online meetings; the in-person meetings are held in London or another major British city with an overnight stay beforehand. In addition, there is usually a strategy away day each February.

These are very much ‘hands-on’ roles, but are an exciting opportunity to help shape BAM’s future.

About the person

We are looking for people who:

  • are ambitious for BAM and its increasing influence amongst stakeholders
  • bring ideas and experience to bear on the role
  • have an excellent track record in research and/or scholarship
  • have a track record of participating in, and contributing to, BAM
  • have skills in listening, facilitating and supporting others
  • are action-oriented and willing to ‘make things happen’

All Vice Chairs have responsibility for reviewing and developing new membership services and recruitment methods. In addition to chairing the relevant sub-committee and playing a role in the strategic development of BAM, Vice Chairs are expected to develop their role in their particular area, including, but not limited to:

Academic Affairs of Conference and Capacity Building Vice Chair

  • Provide academic oversight and support to the conference organising team
  • Continue to develop and grow a portfolio of capacity building workshops and programmes, in line with the BAM Framework
  • Liaise with other VCs and SIG chairs to support their capacity building activities
  • Develop areas of innovation, such as a summer workshop based on a theme or potential journal special issue
  • Support capacity building for strategic priorities such as influencing policy making, engaging stakeholders and publicity and engaging with world-class academics internationally
  • Engage with stakeholders and partners on behalf of BAM
  • Work with the Vice Chair for EDIR to implement best practice across the portfolio.

The current co-Vice Chairs for AACCB will be very happy to discuss the roles with prospective candidates.

Process for Election of a co-Vice Chair for AACCB

Current and former members of BAM Council are eligible to stand for election as Vice Chair and may be nominated by any current BAM member; the name of the nominator will not be revealed during the voting process.

Please note that Vice Chairs are appointed as Trustees and Directors of BAM and therefore must be eligible to serve in this capacity and be registered with the Charity Commission and at Companies House.

Candidates should provide a short statement (max. 500 words) explaining why they seek election to the role and what skills, knowledge and experience they can bring to it. If you are interested in becoming co-Vice Chair for Academic Affairs of Conference and Capacity Building, then please complete the nomination form by noon on Friday 17th June 2022 and send it to the CEO, Madeleine Barrows at [email protected]  

A webpage will publicise those standing and a secure electronic system will be used for voting. All current members of BAM will be eligible to vote. 

Canvassing for votes of any sort – whether directly by the candidate or indirectly by others – is not permitted for reasons of fairness. All candidates will have prepared a statement setting out their qualifications and intentions, which will be published on the BAM website, and it is expected that those voting will engage with the quality of those proposals alone.

CoVice Chair AACCB Election Key Dates

  • Nomination process opens on Friday 27th May 2022.
  • Nomination forms should be received by Madeleine Barrows by 1200 BST on Friday 17th June. 
  • Notification of those standing will be publicized later that week.
  • Electronic voting will be available to members from Monday 20th June until 12 noon on Monday 11th July 2022. The outcome will be published shortly thereafter.