03 Nov 2022

Call for Submissions: 15th Philosophy of Management Annual Conference: DEADLINE EXTENDED

Call for Submissions

The 15th edition of the Philosophy of Management Annual Conference will be held in Oxford, UK at the EM Normandie Oxford Campus, on 2-5 June 2023:


As usual, the Conference guarantees a 45-minute slot for each paper, for an unhurried presentation and in-depth discussion. We welcome submissions that explore all angles of management in private or public organizations through a philosophical lens: applied ethics; social, moral and political philosophy, ontology, epistemology, axiology, and aesthetics. In any of these areas, we encourage scholars to propose novel, critical, timely and/or controversial arguments. Submissions can also adopt a ‘meta-’ standpoint for raising and answering questions such as “What is philosophy of management?” “Is philosophy useful for managers?” “Is management a science or an art?” “Can management be part of the humanities and, if not, what is it?” We are looking forward to receiving your submissions by 21 February 2023.

Special Issue Track Call: “Managing Speech Rights”

The Conference is associated with the journal Philosophy of Management:


In  addition  to  tracks  open  to  all  topics above, it will host a track for papers aiming to be submitted after the Conference to a special issue of this journal, on the theme “Managing Speech Rights”. In an era of enhanced public and private surveillance and censorship, debates over secrecy, and truth manipulation, it is timely to approach philosophically our individual and collective speech rights and the role that private firms and governments can and should play in respecting and protecting these rights. In addition to pertinent ethical, political, and social issues at stake, our special track invites papers to address this topic also from non-normative perspectives: epistemology, ontology, esthetics, etc. Speech rights can be studied at an individual, collective or organizational level, and from the point of view of managers and entrepreneurs, employees, consumers, and other stakeholders Submitted papers may also inquire into the conditions of possibility, limitations, harmful effects and contemporary tendencies of speech rights, or they may strive to build meaningful taxonomies, or attempt to redefine and reinterpret the terms through the lens of particular philosophical theories; concrete private and public policies influencing speech rights can be discussed as well. The topic can be studied from a private and public governance perspective, inquiring into private and public surveillance and censorship policies and the related technological capabilities and advances. This should lead scholars to engage with contemporary debates that shape managerial decisions: radical transparency, secrecy, whistleblowing, fake news, employee boycott or disobedience. The adoption of a broad philosophical standpoint for the study of speech rights will also help to build new connections between theories and concepts that are currently developed in parallel literature streams in management, political science, economics, sociology, law, and history.

Submission process
  • The submission should be a short paper (approximatively 1,500 words) setting out the question, approach, and main lines of argument.
  • A dedicated website will be available for submissions soon. At this moment, any query about this Call, the submission process or the Conference in general can be addressed to Marian Eabrasu at [email protected]
  • Submissions to the Special Issue Track should mention it in the title.
Key dates
  • Deadline for short paper/extended abstract submission: 21 February 2023
  • Notification of acceptance: 6 March 2023
  • Conference: 2-5 June 2023
Additional information about the Conference
  • The venue is the Jericho Building on the City of Oxford College premises.
  • Estimated fee of £250 includes Conference registration and catering.
  • Delegates will benefit from a preferential rate (£145/night) at a 3-star hotel close to the venue.
  • We aim to make this Conference a family-friendly event so we can suggest baby- sitting services and day camps.
Conference Committee
  • Dr. Marian Eabrasu (chair) (EM Normandie) Dr. Minjie Cai (Greenwich University)
  • Prof. Nigel Laurie (London Facilitators; former Royal Holloway, Univ. of L ondon)
  • Dr. Cristina Neesham (Newcastle University)
  • Dr. Lucien von Schomberg (Greenwich University)
  • Dr. Eva Tsahuridu (Australia)
  • Prof. Wim Vandekerckhove (EDHEC Business School
  • Prof. David Carl Wilson (Webster University)