21 Sep 2022

CMCE Virtual Showcase: Making heads and tails of Quantum Computing

CMCE Virtual Showcase: Making heads and tails of Quantum Computing: Thursday 6th October 2022, 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Quantum computing has evolved in recent years from a highly specialised discipline shrouded in esoteric jargon to a near mainstream development, offering the tantalising prospect of computing power capable of solving complex problems that would take a classical supercomputer millions of years. Those businesses with complex problems at their heart – think logistics, health and social care and even management consulting – stand to benefit from early identification and development of applications.

But how do we as consultants filter the real opportunities from the technical wizardry whilst cutting through the hype?

In this CMCE Showcase we’ll provide an introduction to quantum computing and how it’s developing across industries so that you can get started on discussing the topic with clients and peers. To help us we’re delighted to welcome an international expert, Dr Mark Wolf, from Quantinuum, the world's largest fully integrated quantum computing company.  

Join us at 5pm on 6th October for another stimulating discussion.

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