24 Jun 2021

ESRC Council seeks new members

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) is one of seven UKRI councils seeking new members to serve on its Council. This is an excellent opportunity for the senior-level members of our community to support by ensuring that our voice is heard at the heart of UK government funding. The Business & Management community currently has no representation on the ESRC Council  [https://esrc.ukri.org/about-us/governance-and-structure/esrc-council/], so we strongly encourage suitable BAM members to apply.

The full details can be found here: https://www.ukri.org/about-us/work-for-us/senior-and-executive-level-vacancies/

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is seeking to appoint further council members for seven of the councils.

Council members play a critical role in UKRI’s strategy development and governance – providing input, intelligence and feedback from their communities and stakeholder groups and working closely with their Executive Chairs to deliver their council’s aims and objectives.

Council members responsibilities include:

  • support and challenge the Executive Chair to ensure the effective delivery of the council’s mission and implementation of their strategic delivery plan
  • support the council Executive Team in managing risk and providing assurance, in relation to large investments, and where applicable Institutes
  • actively participate in council business, providing robust scrutiny, advice and challenge
  • champion equality, diversity and inclusion in all activities undertaken and challenge any lack of regard for this
  • champion environmental sustainability in all activities undertaken and challenge any lack of regard for this
  • take on ad hoc assignments where appropriate, such as membership or chairing of subgroups, and task and finish groups
  • act as an ambassador or advocate, supporting UKRI’s vision and their domain area’s importance to society
  • operate across the remit of the council rather than as an advocate for specific domains or sub-domains
  • engage with their community to develop ideas, raise awareness and disseminate strategic outputs
  • encourage and facilitate collaborative work across the councils to foster strategic relationships
  • participate in the council’s evaluation and planning activities
  • highlight opportunities for UKRI
  • if necessary, raise concerns about the operation of the council or, where policies and programmes do not appear to align with the strategic delivery plan, with the Executive Chair and the Senior Independent Member
  • provide other ad-hoc advice and support to the council and Executive Team in the development of policy and practice
  • declare conflicts of interest and, subject to the Executive Chair’s judgement, withdraw from discussions where a potential conflict arises.