08 Jun 2021

IFSAM calls for renewed emphasis on engaged and decent scholarship

The International Federation of Scholarly Academies of Management (IFSAM) General Assembly has published its first Position Statement, focused on management research and calling for a ‘renewed emphasis on engaged and decent scholarship’. This follows discussions that took place during a global webinar series earlier this year, triggered by the review of the FT50 journals list.

Recommendations include to:

  • build a connected community of researchers who behave as scholars
  • ensure fair remuneration and due recognition of all scholarly work
  • promote and support scientific journals owned and managed by learned societies
  • recognize and value a range of research publications
  • appreciate the distinction between scientific contribution (to the body of causal knowledge3) and practical contribution to action (whether managerial or organizational) and to the broader society
  • promote a pluralist and contextualized perspective on the evaluation of management research across the world.

Read and download the full Statement here