14 Dec 2021

Just released - Book by Routledge Research in the Creative and Cultural Industries series

Cultural Industries and the COVID-19 Pandemic: A European Focus


Elisa SALVADOR, Professor (PhD, HDR) of Innovation and Creativity at ESSCA School of Management, France,

Trilce NAVARRETE, Erasmus University Rotterdam,

Andrej SRAKAR, Institute for Economic Research (IER) and School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana.

Book description:

“Already dealing with disruptive market forces, the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) faced fundamental challenges resulting from the global health crisis, wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic. With catastrophic changes to cultural consumption, cultural organizations are dealing with short-, medium-, and long-term threats to livelihoods under lockdown.

This book aims at filling the literature gap about the consequences of one of the hardest crises – COVID-19 – severely impacting all the fields of the CCIs. With a focus on European countries and taking into account the evolving and unstable context caused by the pandemic still in progress, this book investigates the first reactions and actual strategies of CCIs’ actors, government bodies, and cultural institutions facing the COVID-19 crisis and the potential consequences of these emergency strategies for the future of the CCIs. Solutions adopted during the repeated lockdowns by CCIs’ actors could originate new forms of cultural consumption and/or new innovative market strategies. This book brings together a constellation of contributors to analyze the cultural sector as it seeks to emerge from this existential challenge”.

The Preview of the Book is freely available, and it includes the “Introduction - The COVID-19 pandemic and the Cultural Industries: emergency strategies and a renewed interest for building a better future?” written by Prof. Elisa SALVADOR.

The Preview, the Table of Contents, the list of contributors and additional information are available on the Internet page of the Book here: Cultural Industries and the Covid-19 Pandemic: A European Focus - 1st (routledge.com)

For further information, please contact Prof Elisa SALVADOR (PhD, HDR) from ESSCA School of Management, [email protected]