26 Mar 2021

Keynotes confirmed for the BAM2021 Conference

We are delighted to confirm that Dr David Nabarro, World Health Organisation Special Envoy on COVID-19 and John Atkinson, advisor to global leaders on transformational systems change, will deliver the opening keynote at the BAM2021 Conference.

The session, titled 'Leadership Lessons from COVID-19 - working with the complexity of a rapidly evolving environment on taking place on the 1st September will show how the unstable and rapidly unfolding situation brought about by Covid-19 meant that normal crisis responses were found wanting. The outbreak became a pandemic, impacting widely across society, and organisational leadership in every sector has been challenged by this shift in the global environment. Leaders that have adapted quickly to this situation have exhibited ‘living systems leadership’ through treating their organisations as ecosystems operating in symbiosis with a changing external and internal environment.

We are also delighted to confirm the 2nd keynote speaker as Professor Ruthanne Huising, Professor of Management and Organisations at Emlyon Business School, France. Further details on Professor Huising’s keynote will be confirmed shortly.

We will announce the details of the third keynote and a number of  high-level panel discussions in due course. Look out for more information!