28 Apr 2021

Marketing and Retail Track at BAM2021: Special issue call for papers: International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management

The British Academy of Management’s Marketing and Retail special interest group are delighted to issue a call for papers for a special issue of the International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management (An established, widely recognised, peer reviewed scholarly journal, published by Emerald) linked to the 2021 BAM conference (31st August to 3rd September).

The special issue’s theme is ‘Reshaping retail post COVID: responses, innovation and trajectories for economic growth’ aligning with the conferences theme of ‘Recovering from Covid: Responsible Management and Reshaping the Economy’.

Both development papers and full papers are suitable for submission (see paper submission guidelines at https://www.bam.ac.uk/events-landing/conference.html). Only papers accepted for and presented at the on-line conference (31st August to 3rd September) by a registered Author (registered for the BAM 2021 conference) will be considered for the special issue.

The submission deadline for conference papers is 5pm on Monday 14th June and should be submitted in pdf form by e-mail, including authors names, institutions and e-mail addresses to [email protected]Papers already submitted for the Marketing and Retail track of the conference will automatically be placed in the special issue consideration process and need not be re-submitted.

Post the conference, Authors of papers selected for consideration for inclusion in the special issue will be invited to submit a full paper for first stage review, formatted to the requirements of IJR&DM, by 14th December 2021.

Any questions should be directed by e-mail to either or both Professor Carley Foster ([email protected]) and Dr Keith Glanfield ([email protected]).