24 Nov 2021

New Special Interest Group in Project Experiences

We are delighted to announce the launch of our 24th Special Interest Group (SIG) in Project Experiences (PrEx), building on the successful and popular Project Experiences Conference Track.

The PrEx SIG will create an inclusive global community of project researchers that enables them to develop themselves and produce research that is meaningful to academe, practice and the wider society.

Objectives of the SIG include:

  1. To run the Project Experiences track at the annual BAM conference
  2. To run a series of events throughout the year to enhance individuals’ project management research capabilities
  3. To engage with the wider BAM community and utilise the broad and varied offering and expertise
  4. To create a forum for intellectual intoxication and pleasure for project management research


The SIG committee will consist of four roles:

  • SIG Chair: Christine Unterhitzenberger, University of Leeds
  • SIG Deputy Chair and Secretary: Nicholas Dacre, University of Southampton
  • SIG Treasurer: Naomi Brookes, WMG University of Warwick
  • SIG Track Chair: Jane Dowson, Liverpool John Moores University

They will be supported by a number of SIG officers who will act take on specific roles.

BAM members can log in and change their SIG affiliations if they wish to join the new PrEx SIG.