26 Oct 2020
by John Smith

BAM online events programme – What is coming up!

Although our autumn events are containing online, we are pleased to see such enthusiasm from our members to run an exciting range  online events and training for our community over the next few months! A few highlights:

  1. We already have over 100 delegates signed up to our November webinar on 'Business Schools and their place in Society'. The webinar is free to attend and features a number of high-level panellists who will be discussing practicalities of developing a strategic vision, developing capabilities and leveraging connections within busines schools. Registration can be made via the BAM website. 
  2. Our new certificated development programme, Becoming a Research-Oriented Professor begins on 20th November. It’s for mid-career members of our community for whom research is a core element, and who are seeking to progress their careers. The first of three sessions looks closely at the Career Journey, featuring leading scholars who will share insights into their own careers and  reflect upon the barriers and opportunities they have encountered, as well as critical moments or ‘pivot points’ that have shaped their development. More information on the programme can be found here
  3. The final two sessions of our established and popular certificated mid-career Becoming an Education-Focused Professor programme will now take place online. Upcoming sessions will help members develop a better understanding of Management Education journals as well as Disciplinary Impact and can be taken as standalone modules. There is still an opportunity to register for the remaining sessions via the BAM website!

We are pleased to see a number of our SIGs engaging in our call to run webinars for the community. We would encourage you to sign up for these thought-provoking webinars which range on a number of different research areas. You can view the full list by clicking here . We continue to be aware of the difficulties faced by many in our community as the impacts of the pandemic on our sector continue to be felt, and are keeping many events free to members or at a significant discount.  

If you are unsure of the status of your BAM membership and wish to check it is up to date then please contact [email protected] 


John Smith

Writer, Pixl8

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