26 May 2021

Project Management Academic Micro-Conference

Project Management Academic Micro-Conference 

Meet the Editorials (and the Editors who wrote them)

Europe and Americas: June 22, 2021: 7 am MDT (Denver, Colorado, US)

Asia Pacific: June 28, 2021: 3 pm AEST (Sydney, Australia)

Projects are everywhere—in society, business, industry, healthcare, the arts and sciences, and government. In recognition of the prominence projects have in human endeavors, the editors of the leading journals dedicated to project management are holding an online micro-conference to promote applied and theoretical research related to projects across domains and disciplines.

The upcoming micro-conference, “Meet the Editorials,” is an opportunity for academics from all fields to learn on tips about publishing in the top journals in the field of managing projects. Topics include:

  • Contemporary Contributions
  • Quantitative Research
  • Case Studies
  • Action Research
  • Literature Reviews

An interactive session follows the presentations where attendees may question the editors to learn about the scope, policies, expectations, and aims of each journal from its editors.  This micro-conference is the first of a planned series where authors may learn about publishing research on project management and participate in a forum where the field’s leading journal editors are looking to work with fellow researchers and professionals to shape the state of project management.  

The event is created and organized by the editors of:

Project Management Journal

International Journal of Project Management

International Journal of Managing Projects in Business

Project Leadership and Society

Required links:

Europe and Americas: Micro-conference registration Zoom Meeting ID: 984 9123 4221

Asia Pacific: Micro-conference registration Zoom Meeting ID: 860 5705 3077 Password: 860718