SIG: Performance Management

About the SIG: 

The Performance Management SIG was established in May 2000, to provide a forum for the discussion of multi-disciplinary perspectives on performance management and the exploration of the more eclectic and thematic issues facing researchers in this area. Over the years the SIG has contributed to the significant development in our understanding of Performance Management and the system processes developed and adopted by organisations to achieve pre-defined levels of individual and organisational goals and objectives. SIG members have mapped out formal and informal systems as well as reported on the impact of performance measurement and management across different industrial sectors and sizes of organisations globally. Members have shared good practice by communicating their findings at conference meetings and through academic and professional publications. Members have contributed in creating new knowledge by identifying the changing nature of Performance Management in ancillary academic discipline areas such as Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development to performance measurement in the appraisal of performance systems in organisations.  SIG members has contributed by investigating performance management from individual and organisation perspectives.

SIG Committee Members: 

SIG Chair - Jonathan Liu