DPDoR supports Directors of Research, and those aspiring to the role, to develop their leadership and strategic capabilities to manage research performance, strategy, and funding in a rapidly changing research landscape.

DPDoR 2024/25 will take place in person in London with four interactive sessions taking place throughout the year to support you to develop your strategic approach and build a strong leadership network within the UK business school community.

! Please note: Dates, venue and programme content are all tentative and subject to change. !

Learning Outcomes
  • Build and enhance the skills and competencies required to be an effective Director of Research
  • Understand how the current external research, funding and policy environment affects your strategy for business and management research
  • Gain confidence in managing internal pressures, relationships, faculty performance and HR.
  • Explore approaches to managing the REF process from strategy, implementation and the presentation of results
  • Work towards your professional development and learning objectives in the context of your institution's research priorities strategy

Participants on DPDoR, once accepted, are encouraged to discuss with their Dean or Head of Department their learning objectives and prospective actions for research strategy from the programme. Reflections upon this and discussion about realising prospective learning and actions will form a central component of the DPDoR.

Who should apply?
  • Directors of Research
  • Those working towards the role of Director of Research

DPDoR 2024/25 will take place in person in London with four interactive sessions taking place throughout the year to support you to develop your strategic approach and build a strong leadership network within the UK business school community.

Session 1 - Diversity of experiences

Date: Thursday 21st - Friday 22nd November 2024, London

Venue: Chartered ABS Office, 40 Queen Street, EC4R 1DD

Setting the scene for research leadership in UK business schools: Diversity of experiences

Participants in the DPDoR programme are a diverse group of academics, at various career stages, and based in different types of UK business schools. This session uses participatory learning exercises to find out about the diversity of experiences, contexts, aspirations and challenges amongst participants. We will also begin the work of building the 2024/25 DPDoR cohort into a supportive group of colleagues who can learn from one another during and outside/beyond the programme sessions.

Session 2 - Developing a research strategy

Date: Thursday 23rd - Friday 24th January 2025, London

Venue: Chartered ABS Office, 40 Queen Street, EC4R 1DD

Developing a research strategy

Continuing with a participatory learning approach, this session will focus on how to develop a research strategy, what its key elements might be, and the varieties of research strategy, and leadership/management approaches, depending on institutional contexts.

Session 3 - Nurturing researchers

Date: Thursday 20th - Friday 21st March 2025, London

Venue: Chartered ABS Office40 Queen Street, EC4R 1DD

Nurturing researchers and an inclusive research culture

Session 3 will focus on how to nurture a diverse community of researchers, and how to build an inclusive and supportive research culture that values varied research contributions and career pathways. Topics include: developing a mentoring programme and culture; developing and leading diverse research communities; promoting equality, diversity and inclusion; nurturing early career researchers; managing the impact of COVID19; developing postgraduate researchers; supporting and managing research performance; supporting research leadership development.

Session 4 - Building a research infrastructure

Date: Thursday 22nd - Friday 23 May 2025

Venue: Chartered ABS Office40 Queen Street, EC4R 1DD

Building a research infrastructure

Session 4 explores how to build a research infrastructure to support excellent research. Topics include: strategies for research grant income generation; the role of research centres; capacity-building; internal allocation of time and funding for research, innovation and impact; research facilities; data capture systems; working with professional services colleagues; and responding to open access and sustainability agendas.


Programme fee: £4,275

Booking deadline: 6th November 2024, 17:00 UK time

If you are planning to attend the programme and are awaiting funding, please complete your expression of interest by clicking here.

Note: Due to the nature of the programme which focuses on personal development and encourages frank and open discussion, it may not always be suitable for two participants to attend from the same institution. If we receive more than one registration from individuals at the same institution we will notify the institution and the participants, taking account of when the registrations were received, and ask for guidance on whether one or both can attend in the same cohort. The cohort is limited to a maximum of 20. Once all places are taken, applicants will be placed on a waiting list.

For enquiries or questions, please contact: Ambra Risca on [email protected]


“I really valued the community of Research Directors that this programme enabled me to connect with. Sharing experiences in candid conversations made this totally worthwhile.”

Professor Katy Mason, Research Enhancement Director, Lancaster University Management School

“This has been an excellent experience. A good balance of interesting guest speakers and discussion within the group. I am going away with a more strategic focus and lots of good ideas I can implement within my institution.”

Dr Marian Iszatt-White, Lecturer in Department of Leadership and Management and LUMS Doctoral Director, Lancaster University Management School

“The programme has been excellent and the input and discussion thought provoking”

Professor Helen Shipton, Professor of International Human Resource Management and Co-Director of the Centre of People, Work and Organisational Practice, Nottingham Business School

“This was an excellent programme”

Will Harvey, Associate Dean (Research & Impact), University of Exeter

“This was an extraordinary experience, better than my best expectations!”

Alcino Azevedo, Senior Lecturer in Finance, Aston Business School