We invite you to join us for this exciting (in person) event hosted by the Centre for Research in Equality and Diversity (CRED) at Queen Mary University’s School of Business and Management, and the Gender in Management Special Interest Group of the British Academy of Management.

The event brings together leading interdisciplinary experts to explore actors and processes driving or impeding change in the field of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), featuring a keynote address by Professor Maureen Scully (University of Massachusetts Boston, USA and Visiting Fellow with CRED). Professor Scully has written about inequalities and the ideology of meritocracy, tempered radicalism in the pursuit of social justice, insider change agents, and ecosystems of change agents coordinating across workplaces.

Additional panel speakers will draw on their topical expertise to discuss different change actors and processes, explore the broader socio-cultural forces that impede or enable workplace equality efforts, and debate opportunities and challenges for mobilising change at multiple levels. In the final part of the event, all participants will be invited to reflect on how their work relates to mobilising EDI change and contemplate future agendas for research and practice in the field.

PANEL DISCUSSION: The social, historical & cultural context of EDI change
Contributors: Professor Jo Littler (Goldsmith University), Professor Nelarine Cornelius (Queen Mary University of London), Dr Maria Adamson (CRED Co-Director, Queen Mary University of London).

Chair: Professor Gill Kirton (Queen Mary University of London)

PANEL DISCUSSION: Change actors & organisational interventions for EDI
Contributors: Dr Jenny Rodriguez (University of Manchester), Dr Maddy Wyatt (King’s College London), Dr Louise Ashley (Queen Mary University of London)

Chair: Dr Mayra Ruiz-Castro (Queen Mary University of London)


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Provider Information

Gender in Management SIG


Guest Speaker
Professor Maureen A. Scully

Professor Maureen A. Scully

Associate Professor of Management & Sherry H. Penney Chair in Leadership, University of Massachusetts Boston, USA


Event Fee 

This event is free to all attendees.

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