In an era of rapid technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Metaverse have emerged as groundbreaking forces, accompanied by intricate ethical and legal challenges. The convergence of these domains has created a complex landscape filled with both opportunities and obstacles, demanding a multifaceted examination. Against this backdrop, we invite scholars, industry professionals, policymakers, regulators, and visionary leaders to join our forthcoming colloquium, where we aim to navigate this intricate nexus.

Navigating the Nexus: AI, Metaverse, Ethics & Law goes beyond being a mere colloquium; it serves as a call to action for thought leaders across diverse fields to come together, exchange insights, and collectively shape the future. As we stand on the brink of a digital revolution, let's ensure that our journey is characterized by well-informed decisions, inclusivity, ethical considerations, and forward-looking strategies.

The event's themes are intentionally broad, offering a central platform to explore both current and future developments in AI, Metaverse, Ethics, and Law. We actively encourage paper submissions that resonate with literature and concepts from corporate and organizational perspectives, particularly in the domains of smart technology, AI, and VR. We give preference to papers that amalgamate contemporary insights from both academic and industry viewpoints, amalgamating strong theoretical foundations with practical, real-world insights. Such contributions should provide valuable guidance for daily operations and long-term AI strategies. Whether your paper adopts an empirical, conceptual, or practical approach, or whether it embraces a multidisciplinary outlook or adheres to specific perspectives, we eagerly welcome your input. 

Call for papers

English is the language of the colloquium and all related publications.


Submit a PowerPoint slide deck with notes that explain the messages


Format for extended abstracts


Extended abstract 1000 words.


Purpose and objectives of the paper
Originality – what is new about it?
Research methodology
Findings and discussion
Theoretical and practical implications
Research limitations


Full-length papers: 6,000 words in total, including references and a maximum of 5 tables/figures. Maximum page length 45 pages including title page, tables, figures and references.

Selected speakers will be invited to submit full papers for a proposed special issue

           KEY DATES 

Submission of extended abstracts/slides opens: 
10 Nov 2023
Registration opens:     
10 Nov 2023
Deadline for the submission of extended abstracts/slides:
29 Nov 2023
Feedback to authors on extended abstracts/slides with notification of acceptance / rejection:
29 Nov 2023

Please note if you do not have an account on the submission system, you will need to create one to submit your abstract.

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Benefits of Attendance
  Multidimensional Insights - Attending this colloquium provides access to a diverse range of perspectives from scholars, industry professionals, policymakers, regulators, and leaders, offering a comprehensive understanding of the complex interplay between AI, the Metaverse, ethics, and law.

Ethical and Legal Awareness - Participants will gain a deep understanding of the ethical dilemmas and legal challenges posed by AI and the Metaverse, equipping them with knowledge to address these issues in their respective fields and organizations.

Risk Mitigation Strategies - The event highlights effective risk management strategies for emerging technologies, helping attendees identify potential pitfalls and proactively innovate solutions to ensure the safe and responsible integration of AI and the Metaverse in society.

Trust Building - Insights into building trust in the digital age, encompassing reliability, safety, privacy, and genuine virtual interactions, will be invaluable for attendees involved in the development and governance of AI and Metaverse technologies.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration - The colloquium fosters collaboration between academia and industry, encouraging innovation, refinement of best practices, and responsible development in AI and the Metaverse, making it a unique opportunity for thought leaders to shape the future of these domains collaboratively.


1pm-2pm Registration

2-2.10pm Welcome Talk by

Prof Ashley Braganza

2.10-2.30pm Talk by

Prof Ashley Braganza, Dr Pantea Foroudi, and Dr Weifeng Chen

2.30-2.50pm Keynote Speakers

  • Nicholas Pollard (Director of Strategic Alliances - Nuix
  • Stephen Stewart (Field CTO - Nuix)

Subject: Text mining and the Nuix approach to the challenges of AI ethics, responsible AI, and its importance

2.50 pm – 3pm Break

Academic Presentations - 3.00-5.45pm

5.45-6 – Break

6-6.30pm Panel Discussion / Fujitsu - Q&A session

Panel Members:

  • Glenn Fitzgerald (Chief Technology Officer Fujitsu Platform Business Europe)
  • Nicholas Pollard (Director of Strategic Alliances)
  • Dr Keith Dear (Managing Director, Centre of Cognitive and Advanced Technologies)

6.30-8pm – Social Networking Session

(Canapés and Refreshments)

Professor Ashley Braganza

Professor Ashley Braganza

Professor of Organisational Transformation Change, Brunel Business School

Dr Pantea Foroudi
Dr Weifeng Chen


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Event Venue

The Stanley Building

7 Pancras Square, King's Cross, London, N1C 4AG

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