SAMS/BAM Research and Capacity Building Grant Scheme 2024

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The Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS) and British Academy of Management (BAM)

SAMS/BAM Research and Capacity Building Grant Scheme 2024

The Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS) and the British Academy of Management (BAM) are pleased to announce the launch of the third round of funding for the SAMS/BAM Research and Capacity Building Grant Scheme.

The scheme partnership strengthens the commitment of both organisations to support management research and promote capacity building.

The SAMS/BAM Research and Capacity Building Grant Scheme:

SAMS/BAM Research and Capacity Building grants are aimed at UK-based researchers who want to boost their research capacity and/or network within and beyond academia by

  • extending or adding a new dimension to a substantial existing research project.
  • undertaking a substantial new research project highlighting the social value of management research on your own or with a small team of co-investigators.
  • connecting with other scholars across disciplines to produce collaborative outputs or build an interdisciplinary and/or international investigator team as a foundation for further research.

We particularly welcome applications:

  • from interdisciplinary and/or international investigator teams; investigator teams involving members from underrepresented ethnic groups, countries, or regions; and investigator teams involving practitioners.
  • for which other funding (at least in-kind) from the Principal Investigator’s employing institution and/or a third party has been secured.
  • in which a long-term trajectory of research is apparent.

The maximum value of the award is £60,000. The duration of projects will be between 18 months (minimum) and 24 months (maximum). It is expected that one project will be funded in this third funding round.

The intention of the scheme is to widen access of opportunity, boost the grant holders’ careers and increase the diversity and inclusivity of management research in accordance with BAM’s commitment to EDIR. Applications may address this in various ways, including by proposing an interdisciplinary research project if appropriate. Priority will be given to proposals with clear and effective publication, dissemination and impact plans.

Principal Investigators must be based at a UK HE institution and will normally be located in a School of Management or Business. Co-Investigators (where appropriate) may be based in HE institutions outside the UK or in industry (including third sector organisations). HE institutions will be limited to submitting one application (as host institution/Principal Investigator) in response to each scheme call.

The Principal Investigator and any Co-Investigator(s) who are based in Schools of Management or Business must be BAM Members at the time of application and have active BAM membership for the duration of the project. It is a condition of award that the research findings are presented as a full paper at a BAM annual conference during the funding period.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview by the SAMS/BAM Grant Award Committee in Spring 2024.

Applicants are advised to read the SAMS/BAM Research and Capacity Building Guidance for Applicants 2024 document, available below, before making an application to the Scheme.

**  Current members of BAM Executive, SAMS Council and/or the Grant Award Committee are not eligible to apply as Principal Investigators or be named as Co-Investigators **



Scheme documentation will be available to download here in mid-October. 



  • Monday 30th October 2023: Call launch, funding documents and online grants portal available
  • November 2023: Mandatory scheme information session and optional grant application development workshop
  • Thursday 1st February 2024 at 17:00 UK time: Deadline for final applications
  • w/c 17th June 2024: Interviews for shortlisted project teams
  • Monday 2nd September 2024: Earliest start date for awarded project

Full Applications must be submitted electronically via the BAM Grants Scheme application portal. You can register for a user account now at:

You are advised to submit your application before the final deadline day to avoid any technical problems. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

For any questions on the scheme, please contact the British Academy of Management Grants Administrator, Stuart Hull, at [email protected]



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