Important: Registration for this workshop is optional, but attendees must have attended the mandatory SAMS/BAM live information session on Thursday 16th November 2023, or watched the recording of the information before attending the workshop.  The recording of the free information session will be available via the BAM Grants webpages for applicants who are unable to attend the live information session. 

Workshop description 

This interactive online workshop is open to anyone who is planning to submit an application to the SAMS/BAM Research and Capacity Building Grant Scheme 2024. It seeks to help applicants to understand what makes a potentially successful application to the Grant Scheme, and how applications will be assessed. Delegates will have an opportunity to apply the assessment criteria to a previously submitted application. 


The workshop consists of the following three parts: 

  • Part 1: Explanation of application process, peer review process and assessment criteria 

  • Part 2: Application of assessment criteria to previously submitted application  

  • Part 3: Questions and answers 

The slides and recording of the SAMS/BAM information session will be available at SAMS and BAM Research and Capacity Building Grant Scheme 2024 after the information session has taken place. 


Who Should Attend? 

Anybody who is planning to submit an application to the SAMS/BAM Research and Capacity Building Grant Scheme 2024. 



This event will be facilitated by: 

  • Professor Stefanie Reissner, Durham University - BAM Chair of Research Grants 

  • Professor Thomas Roulet, University of Cambridge – SAMS 

  • Dr Marcus Gomes, Cardiff University - SAMS 

  • Stuart Hull, British Academy of Management - BAM Grants Administrator 


Benefits of attending  

  • To learn more about what makes a successful SAMS/BAM grant application, and which mistakes to avoid. 

  • To learn more about how assessment criteria have been applied in the peer review process in the past through an interactive online session. 

  • To learn more about how to put together a high-quality application. 

  • To encourage capacity building in your area of research. 

Please note that attending this workshop does not guarantee success in being awarded funding.  It is anticipated that attending this workshop will also benefit attendees in applications beyond the SAMS/BAM grant scheme. 



Please contact the BAM Grants Administrator, Stuart Hull at [email protected] with any queries.


Event Fee and BAM membership 

This event is free to BAM members, and £50 for non-members.

For applications, BAM membership is required for all Principal Investigators, and for all Co-Investigators based in management and business schools in academic institutions.  For more information on how to join BAM, please visit Membership (


Booking Deadline 

Registrations close on Monday 27th November 2023 at 23:59 (UK time) 


Maximum attendance is 30