21 Apr 2021

British Journal of Management (BJM) April 2021 Issue


Volume 32, Issue 2

Pages: 255 - 565

April 2021


Issue Information

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Issue Information

Pages: 255-256
First Published: 03 April 2021

Methodology Corner

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Evaluating the Use of Covariance‐Based Structural Equation Modelling with Reflective Measurement in Organizational and Management Research: A Review and Recommendations for Best Practice

Mary F. ZhangJeremy F. DawsonRex B. Kline
Pages: 257-272
First Published: 25 June 2020

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Balancing Rigour and Relevance: The Case for Methodological Pragmatism in Conducting Large‐Scale, Multi‐country and Comparative Management Studies

Emma ParryElaine FarndaleChris BrewsterMichael J. Morley
Pages: 273-282
First Published: 27 April 2020

Original Articles

Advertising, Earnings Prediction and Market Value: An Analysis of Persistent UK Advertisers

Syed Zulfiqar Ali ShahSaeed AkbarSardar AhmadAndrew W. Stark
Pages: 283-305
First Published: 06 August 2019

Unveiling Modest Femininities: Sexuality, Gender (In)equality and Gender Justice

Vincenza PriolaShafaq A. Chaudhry
Pages: 306-321
First Published: 06 February 2020

Open Access

The Role of Framing Mechanisms in Explaining System‐Wide Change: The Case of the Northern Ireland Conflict and Peace Process

Joanne MurphyDavid DenyerAndrew Pettigrew
Pages: 322-341
First Published: 28 March 2020

Revisiting the Concept of Absorptive Capacity: The Moderating Effects of Market Sensing and Responsiveness

Abderaouf BouguerraKamel MellahiKeith Glaister,Mathew HughesEkrem Tatoglu
Pages: 342-362
First Published: 13 April 2020

The Implications of the Political Situation in the UK for Firms: A Bourdieusian Perspective

Martyna ŚliwaRon KerrSarah Robinson
Pages: 363-368
First Published: 28 February 2020

Open Access

Film or Film Brand? UK Consumers’ Engagement with Films as Brands

Gurdeep Singh KohliDorothy YenSharifah AlwiSuraksha Gupta
Pages: 369-398
First Published: 04 April 2020

Open Access

The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility Strategic Fit and Times of Economic Hardship

Marina ApaydinGuoliang Frank JiangMehmet DemirbagDima Jamali
Pages: 399-415
First Published: 19 April 2020

Open Access

Here We Go Again: A Case Study on Re‐entering a Foreign Market

Roberta AguzzoliJorge LenglerCarlos M. P. SousaGabriel R. G. Benito
Pages: 416-434
First Published: 25 May 2020

Open Access

Re‐examining Strategic Flexibility: A Meta‐Analysis of its Antecedents, Consequences and Contingencies

Dennis HerhausenRobert E. MorganDanilo BrozovićHenk W. Volberda
Pages: 435-455
First Published: 25 June 2020

Open Access

Multi‐actor Resource Integration: A Service Approach in Public Management

Erik ErikssonAndreas Hellström
Pages: 456-472
First Published: 12 June 2020

Open Access

Implementing Marketization in Public Healthcare Systems: Performing Reform in the English National Health Service

Katy MasonLuis Araujo
Pages: 473-493
First Published: 02 July 2020

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Integrating the Bright and Dark Sides of Corporate Volunteering Climate: Is Corporate Volunteering Climate a Burden or Boost to Employees?

Zhe ZhangJuan WangMing Jia
Pages: 494-511
First Published: 29 June 2020

Understanding the Role of Profession in Multidisciplinary Team Innovation: Professional Identity, Minority Dissent and Team Innovation

Rebecca MitchellBrendan Boyle
Pages: 512-528
First Published: 26 June 2020

What is (s)he Worth? Exploring Mechanisms and Boundary Conditions of the Relationship Between CEO Extraversion and Pay

Shavin MalhotraWinny ShenPengCheng Zhu
Pages: 529-547
First Published: 04 July 2020

Open Access

Towards an Understanding of Privacy Management Architecture in Big Data: An Experimental Research

Nick HajliFarid ShiraziMina Tajvidi,Nurul Huda
Pages: 548-565
First Published: 13 August 2020