05 Dec 2023

Call for Papers for the Irish Academy of Management 2024 Conference

The Irish Academy of Management is pleased to announce the Call for Papers for our Annual Conference 2024 which will be held in Munster Technological University (Bishopstown Campus) on August 27th to 29th 2024.

Title of Conference:  The Next Technological Wave: Preparing for Disruption

Conference Theme: Recent advances in technology – particularly Artificial Intelligence  - point to a future that may see a remarkably transformed workforce and workplace. The advent of ChatGPT type technologies, the increasing applicability of virtual and augmented reality technology, and a populace that has been primed for greater technology adoption following the recent pandemic, are just simple examples that suggest the potentiality for major disruption in our ways of working. The challenge for various areas of business –management, marketing, accounting/finance and human resources – is to adopt and successfully embrace the new future rather than to fall foul of it. The resultant challenge for the research community is to assess the means by which we can better accept and exploit the coming wave of technological disruption, to communicate and lead the argument for change, while responding with the usual rigour in our research approaches. This conference will explore research from all business disciplines that reflects the changing technological world and its impact on the business environment.

Submission Process: The submission portal is now open and will remain open until February 24th 2024.

The conference format asks for the following:

  • Word Count Limit - 1500 Words.
  • Abstract should include: the research purpose, methodology, main/preliminary findings (if applicable), implications and originality.

Please contact [email protected] should you have any queries.