26 Mar 2021

New Special Interest Group in Financial Management

We are delighted to announce the launch of the 23rd Special Interest Group (SIG) in Financial Management. The FM SIG will provide a forum for interdisciplinary thinking and research collaboration between academics and practitioners across the spectrum of corporate finance, and its application to other areas of management, including entrepreneurship, management, international business, regulation, decision sciences, as well as the foundation discipline of economics. It welcomes empirical, methodological and theoretical research that has a focus on the firm or the manager as the unit of analysis. The FM SIG is particularly interested in clearly identified managerial implications and impact potential. It supports activities that promote diversity and inclusion in the finance profession. It promotes the shared values of interdisciplinarity, impact, sustainability, boldness, diversity, collaboration and collegiality. A core concern is to enriching the scholarly community, promoting debate and dialogue, and the deepening of publication skills.

The new SIG reflects the importance of financial management and related services to the economy. One in fourteen UK-based workers (over 2.3 million people) are employed in financial and related professional services. They contribute over £200 billion to UK gross value added (GVA), representing £10 in every £100 of UK economic output (Source: CityUK). There is a strong need for the SIG given that finance academics represent over 10% of faculty in business schools, making it the largest group in terms of discipline (Source: AACSB). An important development has been the rise of multidisciplinary work involving both finance scholars and those from many other areas of business and management, and indeed, this work increasingly features in the BAM fora and publications. Through the Financial Management SIG we aim to help scholars to share ideas and discuss their work in developmental fora.

The FM SIG builds on the success of a number of events over recent years, which include tracks, PDWs and an international symposium that was organised within the BAM conference. Plans for future activities include a Financial Management Track and PDW in BAM2021 and a Paper Development Workshop. The chairing of the Group will be shared between Raphael Markellos (University of East Anglia), Geoffrey Wood (Western University Canada) and Konstantinos Bozos (University of Leeds). They will be supported by a number of other colleagues as committee members.