We appreciate that many in our community are facing increased financial pressures as a result of inflation. Unfortunately, BAM is not immune to these pressures and many of our costs – including venue hire, catering, equipment, supplies, staffing, IT support, programme production, maintaining our programming, registration, and virtual event platform – have increased substantially. As we need to ensure a sustainable future for BAM, our Conference needs to cover its costs, so it has been necessary to increase fees for 2023. 

Recent years have let us innovate in how colleagues participate in the BAM Conference, with 2020 and 2021’s wholly virtual events - which kept our community engaged – being followed by last year’s very successful hybrid Conference in Manchester. We are keen to maintain the option for delegates unable to attend Conference in person to join us virtually. This reflects the importance we place on inclusivity.

Sadly, delivering hybrid solutions, together with inflationary pressures, has meant that the overall cost of staging the Conference has risen by over a third since before the start of the pandemic alone. As our Conference registration fees have remained largely unchanged for over a decade, it has been necessary to review the situation. As a result, this year we are reluctantly increasing the registration fees.

We have taken care to keep the increases as low as possible and to target them so that most delegates, who register in good time, will only pay a very small amount more. The slightly larger increase for virtual delegates reflects the true cost of streaming, the other technology and support associated with virtual attendance.  



  • Early Bird member rate: £425 (up until 31st July)
  • Early bird member rate plus Gala Dinner £491 (up until 31st July)
  • Early Bird non-member rate: £505 (up until 31st July)
  • Early Bird non-member rate plus Gala Dinner: £571 (up until 31st July)
  • Full* member rate: £550 (from 1st August)
  • Full non-member rate: £630 (from 1st August)
  • BAM student member rate: £275 
  • BAM student member rate plus Gala Dinner: £341 
  • BAM student non-member rate: £300
  • Conference and Doctoral Symposium combined: £220 (only available to student members)
  • Conference and Doctoral Symposium combined plus Gala Dinner: £286 (only available to student members)

VIRTUAL (first day virtual by default – can present papers live virtually and attend live streamed plenaries with Q&A)

  • Early Bird virtual member rate: £225 (up until 31st July)
  • Early Bird virtual non-member rate: £305 (up until 31st July)
  • Full* virtual member rate: £275 (from 1st August)
  • Full virtual non-member rate: £335 (from 1st August)
  • BAM student member rate: £150