Firstly, a very warm welcome to you in the lead up to the BAM2023 Annual Conference. We have put together some useful information to help you prepare for your visit to Falmer, Brighton. If you have any further questions in relation to the practical arrangements of the Conference, please drop us a line at [email protected].



How to get the most from this year’s innovative conference format and conference app.

We are really looking forward to seeing many of you in person at the University of Sussex in Falmer, Brighton. However, we know that some of our colleagues are unable to join us.  We don’t want them to feel excluded, we want them to feel part of the BAM community. So this year, the conference will be held to include a virtual day.

Conference Day 1 - Friday, 1 September

Day 1 has been designed to spotlight virtual attendees and paper presenters who are joining us online and support them and their work.

On day one, all the main conference events will run through the virtual conference platform, including live paper presentations and plenaries.  It would be fantastic if in-person attendees could engage with online colleagues and participate in the online programme as much as possible, including attending online plenaries and paper sessions.

You will see the full agenda for BAM 2023 on the homepage of the app. As a session start time nears, a “join” or “preview” button will appear. Please click this to attend the session.

Networking activities - Monday 4 September 

On Monday 4th September, BAM SIGs/Networks and Tracks will be running networking activities and other events for their members, including joint track events, informal gatherings and workshops. Please visit 'Monday 4th September' tab for more information

Conference Days 2 and 3

Days 2 and 3 are built around the in-person delegates, with Professional Development Workshops and in-person paper sessions, but our virtual delegates will be able to participate fully in live-streamed plenaries, including the Q&A. 

Connecting, Supporting & Collaborating Throughout the Conference

We hope that BAM2023 will help us all renew connections, support one another, restart collaborations and spark new ones.

You will be able to use the conference app to arrange meetings with other attendees via the “Meeting Hub” function. If you are attending an event in person, you can also view the attendee list via the conference app and connect with individuals via the Meeting Hub. 

For those attending in person, please make use of our amazing collaboration spaces in the University of Sussex.


Travel & Accommodation



If your flight arrives in Heathrow Airport, a very easy way to come to Brighton would be by coach (National Express). Kindly check which Terminal your flight lands on and select that terminal when you do your booking with National Express. Coaches arrive at the Brighton Coach Station, and the address is Pool Valley Coach Station, 5 Pool Valley Brighton BN1 1PN UK. Travelling by coach from Heathrow Airport to Brighton takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes and the cost is ~ £12 (one way).

If your flight arrives in Gatwick Airport, the easiest way to come to Brighton would be by train. The Gatwick Airport train station is just outside the South Terminal. A shuttle bus runs every 3 minutes from the North terminal to the South and the journey takes 2 minutes. There are very frequent trains to Brighton and the duration of the journey is about 30 minutes. More information


The campus, located in Falmer, is well-served by public transport, with Falmer train station on the south side of campus, and frequent buses to and from Brighton. Please find below detailed instructions about Travelling to campus – for detailed information on how to reach the campus by train, bus, car or taxi.


If travelling by train from Brighton, getting to Falmer Station is a 10-minute train ride from Brighton Station, where trains to Falmer depart from platforms 7 & 8 every 10 minutes.

From Falmer train station, follow the signs to the University of Sussex – walk under the underpass and follow the footpath until you reach a zebra crossing (crosswalk). Cross it and continue walking straight ahead. Pass Falmer House, on your left and continue straight ahead until you reach an opening which is the Library Square. Continue onto the right-hand path and keep walking ahead again. You will see Fulton Building to your right and the Jubilee Building on your left.


The number 25 and 25X bus brings you from central Brighton all the way to University of Sussex campus. Alight at the ‘ACCA and Sports Centre’ bus stop and you will see the Attenborough Centre –(ACCA), a building with round red brick towers through a stretch of tall trees across the lawn. Continue straight leaving ACCA behind you and you will reach an opening which is the Library Square. Continue onto the right-hand path and keep walking ahead again. You will see Fulton Building to your right and Jubilee Building on your left.


If you intend to drive to the event, please download the attachedCar Parking Permit”  and display the permit in the windscreen of your vehicle to entitle you to free parking. We would recommend the Sports Centre car park or the Jubilee car park. All ten car parks are open for parking to all drivers on a "first come, first to occupy" basis.

**Do note that parking can be limited on campus, and the permit is not a guarantee of a parking space

❗ Travel Information

We are aware of the ongoing rail disruptions that may affect your journey to Brighton. We strongly suggest you allow extra time for your journey and might need to rethink your transport plans.

Travel and accommodation insurance

Insurance to cover the costs of travel and accommodation relating to attending the BAM conference is the responsibility of individual delegates or their institutions.

We strongly recommend including COVID-19 related insurance to help cover your expenses in case you are required to self-isolate and/or receive medical treatment and your journey home is delayed as a result. This is available from many insurance providers. The British Academy of Management is not responsible for participants’ travel- or accommodation-related costs and no reimbursements can be made.


We are delighted to confirm that Visit Brighton have specially negotiated accommodation rates for attendees. This website will be open for bookings until 28th August but we advise early booking in order to guarantee your preferred hotel. Through this website you can book, modify or cancel your hotel reservations at any time. Bookings can be made by clicking HERE

If you have any queries about accommodation or require assistance with booking your room please contact the Accommodation Bureau via [email protected]

We look forward to welcoming you to Brighton and Hove. 


Accommodation costs/availability displayed in real time.

Statement of Conduct

At the British Academy of Management we place our values of Equality, Inclusivity, Diversity and Respect at the heart of everything we do. We work hard to build understanding of the ways in which these values can be put into action, and also awareness of the ways in which they can be overridden. We are proud of our community and the way in which we strive to respect each other, as scholars and as people.  Our Annual Conference is our biggest gathering and the BAM Executive have created the following statement regarding the conduct of all delegates, whether present in person or online:

“The British Academy of Management Conference is a safe space for everyone. Everyone involved in the event - whether delegate, speaker, guest or event support staff - is responsible for creating an inclusive, psychologically safe and harassment-free environment. As a result, we ask for your commitment to making everyone feel comfortable and that you take care take that no one is made to feel uncomfortable. If, at any time during the conference, you find yourself on the receiving end of or witness an inappropriate behaviour, please, speak to a member of the organising team”.




Conference Registration information:





Monday, 4 September



 Fulton Building 

Tuesday, 5 September



 Fulton Building

Wednesday, 6 September    



 Fulton Building


Delegate Badges

Delegates will be given their badges at the registration desks and badges must be worn at all times during the Conference. Please note: failure to wear the badge, may result in you not being permitted into the session rooms. 

In order to help you recognise who other delegates are at the Conference, badge lanyards are colour coded:

Navy Blue 

Conference Delegate 

Light Blue



Council and Exec




BAM Fellow 


SIG/Track Chairs


Conference Organiser/ Volunteer


IMPORTANT: You must bring your delegate badge to the Gala Dinner at the Grand Hotel, Brighton as it is your entry ticket and must be shown to a member of BAM staff so they can check you in.*** 

Gala Dinner

The ‘must-attend' dinner of the year for the BAM community will be held at the iconic Grand Hotel in Brighton on Tuesday, 5th September 2023. The venue holds more than two centuries worth of stories - from the birth of a Royal baby to ABBA's famous stay after winning the 1974 Eurovision song contest - and has featured in several adverts, documentaries, films and television shows, such as Only Fools & Horses and iconic Brighton cult film Quadrophenia. 

Registration is required in order to attend and a ticket can be purchased with your Conference ticket. 

Our Gala Dinner places are sold out and can no longer be purchased.

Location of Plenary Conference Sessions

All in-person sessions for the BAM2023 Conference will take place on the University of Sussex Campus. Please refer to the App and Conference website for the Campus map. The Plenary sessions will be held in the Jubilee Lecture in the Jubilee Building.  Paper sessions and Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) will take place across the Jubilee Building and Fulton Buiding. Please refer to the Conference programme for further details.

Cloakroom/Luggage Room Room G-15, Fulton Building

Cloakroom/Luggage Room Opening Hours 




Monday, 4 September



Tuesday, 5 September



Wednesday, 6 September    




Special Mobility Access

Special access arrangements are available at the University of Sussex for delegates with special needs, including those with visual, hearing, cognitive and motor impairments. There are disabled toilet facilities, lifts and on-site accessibility induction loops available at the venue.

If you require accessible parking facilities, please let us know at least two weeks before the start of the Conference, so we can arrange a permit for you. Please email us at [email protected]k

If you require special mobility access, please also contact [email protected] to discuss your needs so we can make any necessary prior arrangements. 


Final Paper Upload

If you have an accepted paper, you can upload the final paper via the BAM submission site British Academy of Management ( Once logged in to your account, please click on the title of your submission  where you will see a final paper upload where you can upload your paper.

For further assistance, please contact [email protected]

Key Information for Speakers and Presenters (In-Person)

Please check the programme to re-confirm the day, time and room of the session(s) you have been allocated. While we do not anticipate any changes, we cannot not guarantee that this will be the case, so please check the programme at least at the start of the conference and on the morning of the day of your session.

Full Papers / Symposiums / Workshops

Rooms allocated for Full Papers, Symposiums and Workshops Presentations will have a laptop, data projector and screen available.

Please note: delegates will need to bring their presentation on a USB data stick and arrive early to upload their presentation onto the laptop. This is to ensure presentations are uploaded successfully and to allow enough time for any technical difficulties that may arise. Delegates may also bring any materials they wish to distribute to other delegates during their presentation. 

Please see below the session timings allocated for every delegate’s presentation. 

Full Papers 

30 minutes for Presentation and Discussion 


90 minutes


90 minutes

Professional Development Workshops 

90 minutes for Presentation and Discussion 

Developmental (Discussion) Papers

 20 – 30 minutes for Presentation and Discussion


Developmental papers will have 20 - 30 minutes allocated and will be presented in 'round table' format. 

The layout is normally ‘round table’ rather than theatre-style, to facilitate group discussion.

It is recommended that session chairs and participants/discussants, especially for developmental paper sessions, read papers in advance to get the most out of the session. Presenters are asked to bring copies of their papers or suitable handouts to distribute at the start (copies in PowerPoint are welcome)..

Technical Information

Standard Equipment in all of the venues

Computers, data projectors and speakers are included in all classrooms and theatres.

All classroom and theatres now have a wall mounted room camera, a monitor mounted presenter camera and microphones within the room. Camera and microphone solutions differ greatly depending on the size of the teaching space. For this reason, a laminated card is positioned on the AV furniture detailing which devices should be chosen for “room” camera, “presenter” camera and microphone for dual delivery in each space.

Using your own laptop or Mac to connect to our projectors

All of the venues have VGA and HDMI connections.

If your device does not have a VGA or HDMI connection, then please ensure that you bring the relevant adapter with you to facilitate its use.

You will need to connect to the Wi-Fi if you need access to the internet. Wi-Fi Connectivity is excellent in most areas of the University of Sussex. Please drop a line to the BAM if you require Wi-Fi access for your presentation: [email protected] or speak to one of the IT stewards onsite

Computers supplied in all Venues

All computers have a Windows 10 operating system along with Microsoft Office 2016. All computers have wired data connections.


Please ensure the font you use is compatible with PowerPoint 2016

Embedded Videos

If you have embedded videos within your presentation we recommend you check these as soon as possible at the venue. We recommend that embedded videos have are mp4

One of the most common reasons for videos refusing to play is because the video has not been copied over correctly from your own machine to your storage device. We suggest you save the slideshow as .pptx file as this embeds the video file permanently into the PowerPoint file. Saving the PowerPoint as a .pptx file will create a large file but only the size of all the embedded videos combined.

When copying your presentation to a memory stick it is imperative that you copy over the video file along with the PowerPoint presentation.

The most straight forward way to do this is to create a file on your memory stick that contains the main PowerPoint presentation and your videos. This file can then be copied over to the desktop on our PC’s

NOTE: If your memory stick or storage device is encoded please ensure that it does not require the downloading of any encryption software to our machine in order to access the files stored on it. This cannot be facilitated at short notice due to the security measures installed on our computers.

Printing Facilities



Key Information for Speakers and Presenters (Virtual)

Please check the programme to re-confirm the day, time and room of the session(s) you have been allocated. While we do not anticipate any changes, we cannot not guarantee that this will be the case, so please check the programme at least at the start of the conference and on the morning of the day of your session.

Please see below the session timings allocated for every delegate’s presentation. 

Full Papers 

30 minutes for Presentation and Discussion 


90 minutes


90 minutes

Professional Development Workshops 

90 minutes for Presentation and Discussion 

Developmental (Discussion) Papers

20 – 30 minutes for Presentation and Discussion

4a. Virtual Full Paper Sessions

The standard session will include three papers, with 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion.  As an author, please ensure you join the session 15 minutes before your session starts, introduce yourself to the session chair and check you do not encounter any technical issues and please check you can share your screen to present your PPT slides. When the session begins, the session chair will introduce you to the audience.

The session chair will moderate the Q&A box and chat function and will address any questions/comments after your presentation.

After your presentation, please ensure you remain on mute while others are presenting to allow them to do so without interruptions. Please use the chat box or raise hand function to interact during any Q&A or discussion time.

There will be a Chair of each session who will be responsible for keeping each session to time so please respect their instructions.

4b. Virtual Developmental Paper Sessions

Papers in these sessions are often presented at an early stage of development. However, their papers (up to 2000 words) will have been reviewed and should stand up to reasonably robust discussion.  As an author, please ensure you join the session 15 minutes before your session starts, introduce yourself to the session chair and check for any technical issues. Typically, in a face-to-face Conference, developmental paper presenters are not expected to use AV, however in this instance, authors can use PowerPoint slides if they wish.

The session chair will moderate the Q&A box and chat function and will address any questions/comments after your discussion. 

After your discussion, please ensure you remain on mute while others are presenting to allow them to do so without interruptions. Please use the chat box or raise hand function to interact during any Q&A or discussion time.

There will be a Chair of each session who will be responsible for keeping each session to time so please respect their instructions.


4c. Track Workshops and Symposiums

If you are involved in leading or chairing a Symposium or Workshop, it is likely that you are part of the organising group for this session so there should be no surprises!  However, it is still a good idea to check with the Track Chair and your fellow presenters exactly what format has been agreed with the conference organisers.  Firm time-keeping may be needed; and if audience members intend to leave during the session, ask them to do so with minimal disruption.


 To be published in due course.

Refreshments & Lunch





 Afternoon       refreshments

Main location

Tuesday, 5 Sept

 08:00; 11:00



Marquee, Fulton Building

Wednesday, 6 Sept  

 08:00; 10:30


14:30, 16:30

Marque, Fulton Building

*Additional catering spations will be located in the Jubilee Building


Note on allergies from the Caterer 'space'

All of our food is made in a kitchen handling nuts, peanuts, gluten, and the other main allergens that make up the 14 allergens recognised by the Food Standards Agency (F.S.A.)

‘Allergen reports will be available for all food served during your conference and anyone with a food allergy should request the allergen report from a member of staff who will be happy to help.

‘Whilst every care is taken to ensure that our food only contains the specified ingredients, due to our working environment all items coming from our kitchen may contain traces of these allergens. Anyone with a serious or potentially fatal allergy should be made aware of this risk before dining with us, as we cannot 100% guarantee that any specific item is “free from Nuts”.’



Social Activities

During the conference Delegates are invited to participate in various social activities. Please note that you need to pre-book your place for these activities in advance. For detailed information please click HERE


Networking at the Conference

At the Conference we will be offering colour communication stickers to help participants tell everyone about their communication preferences. Prior to approaching anyone, please take note of their badge.

Stickers will be available at the registration desk.



red square icon from


Please do not initiate any interaction with me unless you have prior permission


yellow square icon from

I would like to socialise, but I have difficulty 


green square icon from

I would like to socialise


Quiet Room

If you are an expectant mother, need a space for breastfeeding or simply need a sensory break, a quiet room is located in the Essex Building Room 6. 

Prayer Rooms

Muslim Prayer Rooms based in Falmer House For further details and location please visit University of Sussex Islamic Society page. The space is managed by the Islamic Society (ISoc).

Multi-faith chapel is located in the Meeting House on the University of Sussex campus. For further information please visit University of Sussex Chaplaincy page. The chapel is open from 8am until 4pm. After 4pm you can use Room 5 in the Essex House.



Health & Safety

Looking after yourself & others: if you are feeling unwell in any way that might be caused by a contagious infection - whether Covid19 or another virus, please respect the safety of other delegates and avoid spreading it. The Registration desk has a small, limited, supply of Covid lateral flow tests and masks, if you require.  

exclamation icon from  We have a few delegates with airborne allergy to nuts. We kindly ask you not to consume any nuts while on Campus as you may put others' health at risk.

General Emergency Evacuation - University of Sussex Campus

General Emergency Evacuation Plan In Case of Fire The fire alarm is a loud two-tone siren. This alarm is tested weekly on Wednesday at 10:30am and the siren will sound for no longer than 20 seconds. If the alarm sounds continuously, immediately leave the building by your closest safe exit.

Fire exits are shown with red arrows on the building plans provided overleaf. Fire Evacuation drawings are posted in buildings alongside escape routes.

Please take a moment to look around and familiarise yourself with your nearest fire exits should you need to evacuate quickly. ONLY TAKE THE STAIRS, NO ELEVATORS.

The fire assembly points for the buildings are as follows: Fulton building: Outside the front of the building (point 23) by the road Jubilee building: East of the building (sign on the bike shelter) Bramber House: South West of the Building (Sign on the lamp post) Do not return to the building until you are given permission to do so.

First Aid In the event that First Aid is required please call 3333 to alert our security team who will be able to assist in most cases, or can call emergency services if required.

The number to call in case of emergency is: 3333 from any University telephone, or 01273 873333 from a non-University telephone or mobile.

Visitors with Mobility Disabilities. These individuals will be moved/assisted to the refuge point on the floor they are occupying, and use the refuge communication system to contact security to alert them of their presence.

If the incident is relatively minor in nature they will remain in the refuge with a member of the conference team for reassurance until the fire alarm system stops sounding.

In the event of a significant incident security will arrange for their safe evacuation from any upper floor to a place of safety. The lifts within the Fulton building and Jubilee building are evacuation lifts, they will still ground in the event of a fire alarm activation but can be used by security to evacuate individuals with mobility issues from the refugees contained within the buildings.

Alternatively, the buildings are also supplied with Evac chairs which can be used to assist individuals to a point of safety. Visitors with Other Conditions which Prevents them Reacting to a Fire Alarm These individuals should be identified through the conference application process and a member of conference staff should be assigned to these individuals to assist them in the event of an evacuation.

General Travel between Venues on Site Individuals with specific needs should be identified through the initial application process and resources allocated to assist them throughout the conference. This would generally be a member of the conference team being allocated to a specific individual with needs for the duration of the conference.

Environmental Sustainability

The theme of the BAM 2023 conference is Towards Disruptive Sustainability: New Business Opportunities and Challenges

The University's Sustainability Strategy was launched in 2021 with the vision to become one of the most sustainable universities in the world. 


Sustainable Sussex - to become one of the most sustainable universities in the world.


Our vision is clear. Our strategic goal is for the University of Sussex to be one of the most sustainable universities in the world. We will show global leadership in demonstrating and promoting all forms of environmental, social and economic sustainability at a local, regional, national and international level.


This strategy contains four high-level objectives that we will realise through sixteen key aims and a detailed action plan:

  • Ethical Educators – we will embed sustainability into all aspects of student learning and experience
  • Decarbonising the Economy – we will reach net zero by 2035 through our action plan for achieving this
  • Civic Leaders and Partners – we will positively impact the community through a sustainable supply chain, social responsibility and low transport emissions
  • Environmental Champions – we will promote biodiversity and sustainable food, waste and water consumption and recycling.

For more information on the University of Sussex sustainability efforts please visit their sustainability strategy webpage.

In addition to the University of Sussex efforts BAM aligns its efforts to be more environmentally sustainable by:

  • Replacing plastic badge holders with environmentally friendly and biodegradable badges
  • Using lanyards and notebooks made from recycled material
  • Sustainable menu throughout the Conference
  • No goodie bags
  • No paper brochures



As part of our sustainability agenda, we are committed to reduce a use of plastic and encourage delegates to bring in their own reusable water bottles and refill on Campus.

There will be water stations throughout the Campus

Currency & Exchange


The official currency in the UK is the pound sterling (£, GBP). Each pound is divided into 100 pence (100p = £1).

The most common banknotes are £5, £10, £20, £50 and £100. 

The coins in circulation are 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p and £1 and £2. 

Currency Converter 

You can change money at the following places:

  • any bank office
  • exchange offices in the airport and within the city
  • major hotels
  • withdrawal from ATMs

Credit & Debit Cards: The safest and easiest form of money is credit cards. Major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa and American Express) are accepted in most restaurants / cafes / facilities.

Cash Withdrawal: It is possible to withdraw pounds directly from any ATM in Manchester. This is also the cheapest option, since it has a lower exchange rate. However, it is important to keep in mind that your own bank may charge you a fee each time you use a foreign ATM.

It is recommended to have a small amount of cash on hand upon arrival in United Kingdom for immediate expenses, i.e. taxies, city transportation etc.



In the United Kingdom the standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. The power plugs and sockets are of type G.

Unless you are from a country using G type plugs, please do not forget to bring your adapter to Brighton.

VISA & Entry Requirements

All attendees from outside the UK are responsible for making sure they have the correct documentation to enter the country. Please refer the UK Border Agency (UKBA)’s guide.

EEA and Switzerland

Most participants whose nationality is of a European Economic Area country or Switzerland will only require a standard passport.

Other nationalities

If you are of any other nationality, the first step is to establish whether you need a visa for travel. Start with the UKBA’s page. This will direct you to further guidance, which you should read very closely. Note that if your sole purpose in coming to the UK is to attend the Conference, it is very likely you will be considered a ‘Business Visitor’.

If you do not require a visa, it is possible that you will instead need other documentation: you are advised to check this before proceeding.

In case of any uncertainty, please consult the UKBA directly via the contact details given on its website, or the British Embassy in your country.

Applying for a visa

Please note that British Academy of Management is not authorised to provide official advice on visa issues.

Confirmation of involvement in the conference and other documentation

If you need an official letter of invitation to support an entry visa application or funding bid, please complete a quick survey:

To ensure that you get the document(s) you need as quickly as possible, please make sure that you state the following:

  1. The reason(s) why you need the documentation (immigration visa, bid for travel funds from your institution, etc)
  2. Your full name, in the exact format that will be needed for the documentation you are seeking
  3. Your current contact details
  4. Passport number
  5. Date of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. The title of your paper.

Tourist Information

 For tourist information, please go to Visit Brighton website.



Can I pay for the registration via bank transfer?

A. Yes, you can pay via bank transfer. Please make sure you reference it with your membership number or your full name. If someone else is paying on your behalf, please make sure they reference it with your name.

If you are paying via Bank Transfer for an Invoice please reference your INVOICE NUMBER as the payment reference so we can easily locate your payment and update your booking.

Bank details

Account name: British Academy of Management Ltd

Bank Name: The Co-operative Bank

Bank Address: 80 Cornhill Bank, London, EC3V 3NJ

Account No: 65220757

Sort Code: 08-02-28

IBAN: GB86 CPBK 08022865220757 (non-mandatory for UK payments)

Swift: Code CPBK GB22 (non-mandatory for UK payments)