BAM’s 'Becoming an Education-Focussed Professor' programme is a unique development programme designed specifically to support Business and Management academics on a teaching and scholarship track (T&S) at all levels to develop their own scholarship profile and career. 

Launched in 2019 by the MKE Group of BAM, to date over 400 attendees located in more than 10 countries that have participated on the programme.  The programme has focused upon capacity building to define education-focussed scholarship in a way that becomes useable, accessible, and open to assessment, building on the Boyer/Carnegie fundamentals that it should be supported externally and open to peer review.

The programme has the overarching goals of:

  • Promoting the centrality of the scholarship of teaching and learning in business schools and to achieve parity for teaching and scholarship (T&S) academics with research-focused academics in consideration of promotion decisions.  We propose that the scholarship of teaching and learning and conventional basic research (the scholarship of discovery) should be valued equally in terms of the status, recognition and reward for success.
  • Exploring and establishing the relevance of other forms of scholarship for T&S academics. This may include (to some extent and with particular focus) the scholarship of discovery (conventional research), along with the scholarship of integration and the scholarship of application
  • Providing a programme of development for BAM members who wish to understand the nature and modalities of scholarship and develop their own scholarship profile.

Workshops this year continue to develop our collective community, to mobilise, and develop individual/collective impact based on the BAM MKE ‘SEEL’ model generated in our MKE White Paper.  Specifically, we will individually and collectively reflect upon the criteria that define promotions within our institutions, identifying clear specific actions for the forthcoming year through the programme.  These actions will contribute towards our continuous crafting of our scholarly identity, one that helps further promotion for Education-focussed professors.

Session Dates and Venues

All sessions will be face-to-face

  • Session 1: The Shard, London (Theme: Education) 27th and 28th March 2023 | Agenda
  • Session 2: Belfast (Theme: Engagement) 17th May 2023 | Agenda
  • Session 3: Cardiff (Theme: Scholarship) 25th October 2023 | Agenda
  • Session 4: University of Glasgow (Theme: Leadership) 6th December 2023



The programme comprises four workshop sessions (amounting to 5 days total) throughout 2023 to capture, build and showcase your impact based on the findings of the British Academy of Management (BAM) White Paper that investigated Education-focussed professor promotional routes across the UK.

Workshop 1

Workshop 1 will officially launch the 2023 Education-focussed professor programme.  This year’s programme will use the ‘SEEL’ model to structure the workshops to support you discerning your impact.  In this first workshop, following sharing of the BAM SEEL model, we will consider the range of ways through which a visible identity and impact can be generated within the area of Education.  Facilitated time will support you to discern innovation/s within your education practice, to develop your ‘narrative’ for your promotion.  Lessons learned will be pooled within our community of practice.  On day 2 we will work with you with your institutional promotion criteria to support you in undertaking a gap analysis and developing your own personal action plan for this year through the programme.

Workshop 2

Workshop 2 continues the thinking of the first session and focuses on mapping your impact, this time to Engagement.  Specific examples of scholarly engagements that have contributed to academics’ identity crafting and led to impact will then be examined through our guest speakers.  Participants will then be encouraged to work in teams to map their current practice and locate areas of engagement or potential engagement within their practice.

Workshop 3

Workshop 3 will explore Scholarship, how we might define this for education-focused careers and how we might develop our own scholarship for impact.  Our guest speakers will discuss their approach to scholarship and consider its importance in their academic identity.  Participants will then be encouraged to map their current scholarly activity and locate areas for potential collaboration and/or individual focus.

Workshop 4

Workshop 4: The final session of the 2023 Education-focussed professor programme will helps us to better understand our current and future Leadership roles.  Dedicated time is offered for facilitated leadership discussions that are bespoke to participants’ current level of career.  Insights will be gathered from portfolio leaders (Pro-Vice Chancellors), Deans, Deputy/Associate Deans and alike in addition to Course Directors and Module Leaders.  Best practices will also be shared across the day so as to help leadership more broadly.

Benefits: To include

  • Facilitated reflection upon building your identity as an Education-focussed professor across Scholarship, Engagement, Education and Leadership to aid future promotion
  • Locating and engaging with a range of external sources to extend scholarly and career impact
  • Joining a community of practice with like-minded scholars where best practices are shared and co-created


Provider Information

BAM Management Knowledge and Education


Expressions of Interest

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Event Fee

Early-Bird BAM Member: £550 for all sessions (up until 19th February)

Late BAM Member: £600 for all sessions (up until 6th March)

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