Developing Theory through Literature Reviews

19 January 2021 12pm – 1.30pm Webinar Zoom
This event is now fully booked, thank you! 

This webinar will provide you with the skills and resources to develop your literature review into a publishable review article that builds theory and contributes to the advancement of the field. You will have access to pre-recorded resources by the International Journal of Management Reviews Editors-in-Chief which explain the journal’s remit and processes to you and provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. The session itself will be 90 minutes long and focus on supporting you to develop your own manuscript with the guidance and advice from senior scholars. Hence, we ask you to prepare for this session by providing an outline of your literature review and engage with the pre-recorded sessions as well as some key readings. The webinar will introduce key issues to consider as you are preparing your literature review for submission, and you will have the opportunity to discuss your own project in smaller breakout groups with experienced scholars. There will also be an opportunity to discuss the process and the experience of going through the IJMR review process with a scholar who has recently published an article in the journal and learn from their experience. To keep the format as interactive and development as possible for participants, the number of places for this webinar are capped, so register early to save your place!


Who Should Attend? 

Primarily doctoral researchers, but open to all.


Benefits of Attendance
  • Feedback from editors and senior scholars
  • Learning about how to write excellent review papers
  • Getting your research published in leading journals


Webinar Preparation

Participants will have to prepare for this webinar. We will advise participants on preparation shortly. 



Prof Katie Bailey, Kings College London

Dr Dermot Breslin, Sheffield University

Prof Daniel King, Nottingham Trent University

Prof Stephanie Decker, Bristol University

Dr Giulio Ferrigno, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

Dr Marian Iszatt-White, Lancaster University

Prof Martin Friesl, Lancaster University


Provider Information

IJMR; BAM Research & Publications and Capacity Building committees



For general enquiries please contact the BAM Office at [email protected]


Event Fee 

BAM Members: Free

Non-BAM Members: £50

BAM Student Members: Free

Non-BAM Student Members: £25