New frontiers in management research: A practical approach to doing grounded theory

26 February 2021 1.30pm – 3.30pm Webinar Zoom

Grounded theory is a research method with a systematic approach for data collection, synthesis, analysis, interpretation and conceptualisation of qualitative data for theory development. In recent times, the grounded theory method (GTM) is used regularly in management research but, often misunderstood. There are also challenges with the practical application of the GTM in qualitative research.  This seminar aims to explore and capture the practical application of GTM in management research.

The seminar will focus on the origins of GTM, outline the different variants, emphasising their strengths and weaknesses for the justification/selection of appropriate variant for research. The main characteristics and shared core procedures associated with the GTM would be explored. Further, the Corbin and Strauss version and the second generation approaches will be used for the practical illustration of research design, data collection, data analysis, and presentation of results in management research.


Provider Information

BAM Council Sub-Committee of Academic Affairs of Conference and Capacity Building


Who Should Attend?

The event speaks to Sections A1, A2 and E1, as detailed in the BAM Framework 



Dr Cynthia Akwei, Liverpool John Moores University


Benefits of attending 

This seminar is designed for novices, early career and advanced grounded theory researchers and aims to inspire and empower you as a grounded theory researcher. Further, it will be beneficial to PhD students who are (i) interested in learning about the GTM; (ii) intend to use the GTM and (iii) those currently using the GTM to:

  • Understand the origin and contemporary approaches of grounded theory
  • Understand the types of ground theory studies
  • Develop grounded theory research design to collect, analyse, interpret data and write grounded theory research studies.



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Event Fee 

BAM Members: Free 

Non-BAM Members: £25

Non-BAM Members, Students: £15