Teaching Research Methods to Business Students: New and Innovative Approaches

Teaching Research Methods to Business Students: New and Innovative Approaches


Teaching Research Methods to Business Students is one of the Research Methodology SIGs annual events. For Business Schools, teaching research methods offers both challenges and a focus for stimulating debate. This workshop is intended to address such challenges by introducing new and innovative methods and materials, which will provide exciting resources for academics and students to utilise. These resources will enable those involved in teaching research methods to review and rethink their current approaches.

The workshop will also contribute to debates on the topic by sharing experiences from speakers who have extensive experience of leading and teaching research methods at all levels and awards, and by providing space for facilitated contributions and discussions by participants. The overall aim is that participants will learn new, innovative approaches to teaching research methods and leave the workshop reenergised to address their own challenges.


Provider Information

BAM Research Methodology SIG


Who should attend?

‘All Levels’ as indicated by BAM Framework  B1, B2 and B3.
Academics with involvement in and/or responsibility for teaching research methods in business and management on modules and programmes at undergraduate, post graduate taught and doctoral.


Professor Jamie Callahan

Professor Jamie Callahan


Dr Mina Beigi

Dr Mina Beigi

Associate Professor of OB and HRM, Southampton Business School

Dr Madeleine Stevens

Dr Madeleine Stevens

Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management, Liverpool John Moores University

Dr Sophie Mills

Dr Sophie Mills

Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham


Benefits of Attending

• Learn about two new and innovative resources for teaching research methods
• Learn from the experience of teaching research methods from leading academics
• Engage in debate with presenters and participants to stimulate review of and new thinking on current approaches to teaching research methods
• Reenergise your role in teaching research methods



Travel Information

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Accommodation Details

Redmonds Building
Brownlow Hill
L3 5UG

Contact Us

For specific information about this event please contact the workshop facilitator: 

Paul McEvoy Clarke at [email protected]

For general enquiries please contact the BAM Office at [email protected]

Event Fee

Non-Members: £50

BAM Members: £30

Full-time PhD Students: £10

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Provisional Programme

9.30-9.45-Welcome and Introduction

Professor Dave Bryde, Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer, Faculty of Business and Law, LJMU


9.45-11.15- Learning About Logic Models in Evaluation: A ‘Sweet’ Experience

Professor Jamie Callahan, Durham University Business School

This workshop uses sweet treats to help learners grasp how logic models are constructed for conducting an evaluation, and how difficult it is to construct an effective rubric. Post-exercise discussions open the opportunity to explore research-related topics such as the nature of ‘truth’, induction/deduction, collaboration, and convergent/divergent findings. 


11.15-11.30 Break


11.30-1.00- The facilitation of learning through Studious Research Methods Collection resource 

Dr Sophie Mills, Nottingham University Business School

This session introduces a Research Methods learning resource that operates as an interactive mobile app or via an online platform. During this session examples will be provided of how this learning resource is currently used in universities and will offer suggestions relating to optimising its application within a teaching context. During this session participants will have the opportunity to try out the mobile app within breakout activities and reflect on its potential use within their own teaching.


1.00-1.45 Lunch


1.45-3.15-The Research Methods Roadmap  

Dr Maddy Stevens, Liverpool Business School, LJMU

This session introduces and provides experience of using a new board game where students use small cars to follow an experimental journey on a game board which essentially represents a decision tree.  Students explore all stages of designing a research project, represented by locations on the map, from choosing a topic, through research philosophy, data collection and analysis, sampling and dealing with reliability and validity.




3.15-4.45-Facilitating student dissertation topic choice through a focused dialogue 

Dr Mina Beigi, Southampton Business School, University of Southampton  

Many lecturers supervise students who are not clear about what they want to do in their dissertation. This session will provide examples of conversations that can facilitate this process and help students find a research topic that is aligned with their access to different resources, interests, and career aspirations.


4.45-5.00-Summary and Close

Closing remarks from Dr Tim Nichol, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Business and Law, LJMU