10 Jun 2024

Thank you to our inaugural Members who recently finished their term as British Academy of Management (BAM) Peer Review College (PRC) Members for their valued contributions.

Professor Yehuda Baruch FBAM, Dean of the BAM Peer Review College said:

“The BAM Peer Review College has established itself as an important part of the British Academy of Management, contributing to BAM activities and making a strong scholarly contribution. Rotation in membership is one operational principle that guides us, balanced with the need to have a cohort that will be able to support BAM reviewing related activities. We are very grateful to everyone who has served in the first cohort.”

Professor Emma Parry FBAM, Chair of the British Academy of Management, said:

“We established the Peer Review College as part of our 2020 strategy, in order to build capacity within our community and provide much-needed support for BAM’s rapidly expanding portfolio of activities. I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all those members who have willingly served and continue to help BAM move forward.”

In addition, a big thank you to the following inaugural Members who have kindly agreed to extend their 3-year term by an extra year: