16 May 2024

BAM’s CEO Announces her Retirement - a message to BAM’s members

Madeleine Barrows FRSA announces her retirement

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Dear Member and Friend of the British Academy of Management

It has been both an honour and joy to be BAM’s CEO for the last 6 years but, for close family reasons, I have notified the BAM Executive and Council today of my intention to retire by the end of 2024. The Executive will now begin the work of seeking a new CEO to succeed me.

This has not been an easy or quick decision for me. From my first days at BAM in January 2018, as the first incumbent in a newly created role, I felt a huge welcome from a warm and enthusiastic community. It’s a lot to leave behind.

BAM is an unusually vibrant and engaged community of individuals, who care passionately about the future of their discipline, and who nurture strong and important values. The Executive and Council have a clear vision for BAM as the leading community of scholars in business and management, delivering for people and planet. By innovating and using their skills of strategy and organisation, they deliver a huge amount with very small resources. BAM’s small office team is peopled with exceptionally dedicated and skilled individuals, who also care deeply about BAM’s mission and community. I have been enormously privileged to work with such wonderful colleagues. Working with Nic Beech, Katy Mason and now Emma Parry as BAM Chairs has been a profoundly encouraging and supportive experience. With such strength and depth, such insight and intelligence in those leading it, BAM’s future is bright.

The last 6+ years have seen many changes and much growth in BAM, despite the turmoil of a global pandemic. Through all of this we have increased our membership, broadened and grown our activities, and – crucially - adapted our business model in the face of challenging landscapes for the HE community. We have grown our partnerships and given them clear meaning, we have professionalised and modernised our practices, and we even moved to a new address. We have done this whilst structurally embedding and endeavouring to live our core values and support our members.

These individual relationships and involvements are not easy to let go. But I am confident that my successor – whoever they may be – will continue to move BAM forward as the innovative and impactful learned society it is.

I look forward to a very busy final period of service with BAM and to seeing many of you at my last BAM Conference in Nottingham.

Thank you for letting me be part of something wonderful.

Madeleine Barrows FRSA, CEO British Academy of Management

A Message from the Chair and President

As Chair and President of BAM, we would like to thank Madeleine on behalf of our Executive, Council, our partners and our world-wide membership for her amazing contribution to BAM over the years. Madeleine has been at the heart of our community since 2018 - aways kind, always putting our community first, always going the extra mile. We wish Madeleine every happiness in her retirement.

Alongside the Executive, we will now start the process of seeking a new CEO to continue Madeleine’s excellent work and help us to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for BAM. Please be reassured that we will seek an individual who both shares our community’s values and is well placed to take BAM forward strategically.

Professor Emma Parry FBAM, Chair of BAM

Professor Katy Mason FBAM, President of BAM