09 Aug 2021

ESRC seeks new Executive Chair

The Economic and Social Research Council, a member Council of UK Research & Innovation, are seeking a new Executive Chair [closing date 25th August]. Details can be accessed here

The Executive Chair, working with the ESRC Council, is responsible for setting the strategic vision for ESRC and contributing to the direction of UKRI. As a visible and credible leader of both ESRC and the wider economics and social sciences research community, they will provide direction, ensuring delivery of far-reaching research, innovation, skills development and infrastructure investment goals with demonstrable outputs and outcomes.

As a member of UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI) Executive Committee, the Executive Chair of ESRC will be accountable to, and work closely with, the UKRI CEO.  The ESRC’s Executive Chair may also be responsible for leading and delivering one or more cross cutting areas for UK Research and Innovation.