20 Aug 2020

GET READY FOR BAM2020 IN THE CLOUD: Conference virtual platform and app are now live!

We hope you have had good summer and are looking forward to participating in our first virtual Conference in The Cloud. It’s a new way of holding our conference, so we’ve not tried to replicate our in-person meeting, but instead we’ve sought to innovate, with an emphasis on collaboration and interdisciplinarity. We hope you enjoy exploring some new ways of thinking about common issues.  

We are delighted to announce that the Conference virtual platform and the mobile app have been launched and are ready for you to preview from TODAY! You can customise your schedule, look at the Conference papers and presentations** and - more importantly - start networking.

We recommend you use the desktop virtual platform for most things, especially the live-streamed events. The mobile App is great for connecting with people, although you can also do this via the desktop virtual platform.  Here’s how to access them:

CONFERENCE VIRTUAL PLATFORM (for laptops and desktop computers)

We would encourage you to access the site in advance of the Conference to get yourself familiarised with the content and customise your schedule.

To log into the Conference Platform – on your laptop or desktop computer - go to your browser (for best results we recommend you use Google Chrome).

Enter the URL https://www.allintheloop.net/App/bam/bamBAM2020Conference

  1. Enter your email that you used to register for the Conference
  2. Enter a password that was sent to your email you have registered for the Conference
  3. Agree to the terms & privacy policy
  4. Click on Login button

‘HOW TO’ VIDEO: To help you navigate the site we prepared a short video you can view here. If you have any difficulties or experiencing any issues then please refer to our FAQ document attached or drop us a line at [email protected].  

CONFERENCE APP (for mobiles and tablets)

To download the Conference app just search for BAM2020 on Apple Store or Google Play Store. You scroll down to the following icon

1. Search for the app BAM2020 in the App Store or Google Play Store

2. Download the app

3. Open the app

4. Login with your email address you used to register for the Conference and enter the password that BAM has sent you.


Conference papers are now available for you to view via the virtual platform (Papers and ASYNC section) however the final tweaks are being made to link presentations to papers before the Conference.

Note: There will be no live paper presentations during the Conference but you will be able to connect with the registered authors directly and send feedback/questions to them through the platform’s/app’s messaging system.


Prior to the Conference you can start to organise your meetings with other registered delegates who have downloaded the app.  Face time calls will be enabled when the Conference begins (2nd – 4th September). In addition, you will have the opportunity to network with groups in our Coffee Chatrooms based on your research interests (grouped by Tracks).  

We highly encourage you to download the BAM2020 app/join the virtual platform and be active throughout the Conference to interact with colleagues, provide feedback, start discussion boards, and more. The app is best used on mobile/tablets, and the virtual platform is designed for your desktop. 

Sessions that have been recorded will be available to view after their scheduled slot via the platform, so you can revisit those sessions at times convenient to you.

We hope you enjoy our Conference in the Cloud! And we hope even more that we will meet face to face in Manchester next year.

Our Conference Chair, Professor Joseph Lampel, and CEO, Madeleine Barrows, have recorded some welcome messages for you, which are available on the platform and app. 

Best wishes

Justina, Lewis, Raluca, Linh and Jenny

The BAM Conference Team

** "Please note the links connecting papers with ppt or video presentations are being finalised this week by our developers and may not yet work properly. They will work in time for the conference itself, but please be patient this week."